Talking to Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life

It's been quite sometime since I shared a good read. I've been busy with a lot lately - family, motherhood, pregnancy, work, cooking, and studies. I'm currently finishing Crazy Rich Asians though which I'd like to share to you very very soon. Or perhaps share a new read that will benefit all of us.

Talking Crazy: How to Deal with the Irrational and Impossible People in Your Life (2015) by Mark Goulston is a very timely read today. We experience a lot of encounters towards irrational and impossible people that sometimes we cannot seem to quit because... 1.) they are our workmates/classmates/colleagues, 2.) they are family and/or acquaintance, and 3.) they simply exist for all valid reasons even though they are a bit off sometimes (or most of the time?)

Sometimes, we are the ones who are irrational and impossible. I think we all have our 'days.' We are not always okay to be with. Yet, we (personally, I) strive to be okay which makes a lot of difference.


My 10-Day Menu

In a previous post, I've listed down few of the things to remember when doing your grocery shopping. After which, it will all boils down to... making your meal.
I've become conscious about preparing food, storing them, products to choose, and the like. Since I've found my way to the kitchen, I started liking the 'cooking' experience and tweaking bit and pieces of different recipes in my own and my family's preferences, making it more personal and custom.
I first thought cooking is hard and there's no way I would ever craft something from scratch aside from pre-heated and/or processed food - which I believe isn't healthy at all. 
Reading is the answer. I think, I like reading more than watching, but if you prefer a quicker grasp of recipes from the internet, you can always resort to YouTube videos available.
If you are a busy person like me (naks!), it pays to list down your menu before the week ends so you know what to buy. If amenable, prepare mixes o…

7 Things to Remember When Doing Grocery Shopping

Doing the grocery can be tasking yet relaxing for anyone most especially for mothers. If you are the head chef of the family (like me hahaha), you opt to buy ingredients you favor and you spend so much time picking the best and freshest ones.

Going to the grocery is therapeutic. You can pacify your urge to shop, thus, you can also create such excitement of preparing a meal from scratch. Sometimes, when we get too excited (yes, it's true) to shop, we often forget what and why we are in the grocery for. Hehe. So for us to be more guided, here are some (obvious) things to remember when doing grocery shopping:
Create a list To save time (and money), it pays to create a grocery shopping list. In this manner, you can only select what you really need for your home and kitchen. You can also save loads of money just by purchasing the most important and needed stuff only. 
This is doable especially if you are working on a tight budget or trying to save more. Allot time Not that you should sp…

How to Deal with Depression + Frustation

The reason why I put 'frustration' is because it is the package - the real deal. We might sometime wonder if what we are feeling is just frustration or already depression. Me, personally, it starts with the F and eventually falls on to the D. It's hard to differentiate, specifically when you are taking too much.
No one would ever exactly understand what you are going through when you are suffering from depression. Your friends may tell you nice words to live by, though it may help your feelings to be a lighter yet the 'emptiness' you feel is not sure to go away.
We can't tell those who are/were depressed don't/didn't try to get better. We can't say that they didn't do everything they can to understand what's going on around them. We can't factually discredit that they didn't approach the reasons why they are feeling what they are feeling now... because they did. They did all the best they can. But sometimes, the 'feeling' …

Happy Anniversary 2017

Instead of just putting Anniversary 2017 for a title, I added the 'happy' because it is how our relationship is like. Of course, it's not perfect and it has its ups and downs, too. But what we can be proud to say is the 'downs' are just 1-2% of our overall status.

We are blessed (Naks! #blessed) to have each other. I've been in and out of different life shenanigans and this, I must say, is one of the good times I can cherish for the rest of my life. It's really hard to find a person who will stick with you through good times and in bad. Others are just there if it's convenient and if it's not anymore they tend to go and look for the convenience and 'pedestal' living. Self-entitled brats! Char! Hahaha!

This photo is our first-ever photo together. Looking back at the time when we were just still dating, it's still nakakakilig and surreal. Haha! Parang painting. I can't ask anything more from the heavens above because His timing is bey…


Hello friends, mommies, aunts, grandmas, and everyone! Hihihi

I'd like to express my excitement about my new business venture, Happy Shift PH! I will be offering mommy and baby items starting this AUGUST 2017. So, if you are looking for a quality, cute, and essential items for your baby, you can trust me with that.

I'm also open to take you to my shopping spree! Hahaha! If you are personally looking for an item and you really don't have the time to visit a store or the mall because you are busy at work, breastfeeding, or generally taking care of your baby... I'm glad and I'll always be cheerful to do it for you!!

Just simply LIKE my Facebook Page at HAPPY SHIFTto get first-hand updates on the items (we are uploading SOON!)

Time for the happy shift! 
Thank you! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message on the Facebook page or comment below. :)

How I Found My Way to the Kitchen

Truth be told, I'm a picky eater. I didn't like vegetables growing up and I always go for the usual - fast-food and lutong bahay from the nearest carinderia. My lola, my mom, and my titas are great cooks hence the pressure to know some of their recipe. And since I'm a picky eater, I tried cooking for myself (initially), from scratch, from ingredients I personally like.

I grew up with my lola acing the kitchen with her home-made dishes crafted from her inventions and experiments. I always watched her cooking but never really had the chance to navigate the kitchen until I went an independent living and... ahem. fell in love. Hahaha!

I started from the most basic of all... frying! Of course, there goes the kids' favorite - hot dogs. Then it grew to luncheon meat, logganisa, tocino, and eggs. Hehe. When I was living solo, I tend to eat at fast-food restaurants or ~posh~ restaurants alone or with friends. I outgrew every little menu they have and I decided to live healthy.…