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It might be the end, but not really.

I was tagged by numerous photos on social media by a friend. The images were mainly the memories we had in a workplace, where, I must say, contributed to who I am today - as a person, as a marketer, a writer, an educator, a friend, and a human being.

I can't help but reminisce the past; the time of how we started - all the friendships we built from the ground to up, as well as the rifts and the differences we decided to mature enough to set aside. It was happy, it was sad, it was dramatic, it was fun. It led different emotions and realizations, that up until now if we had the chance, we will go back to it.
But maybe life made us not to go back. Perhaps there is a reason why we cannot change what we did, why we cannot go back to what we have missed, and why we cannot touch what we weren't able to reach.

I was single for quite long and fooled enough to know that there was love everywhere in every form. I had and still have friends who consider me as part of their family; and som…

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