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MHAP: Share-a-Snack Project

Since 2014, I have been active in supporting different causes especially about the environment. Since then, I have been an environmental activist and advocate on reducing the use of plastics and other materials that could have a long-term effect on the environment.

I donate, I support, I volunteer, and more importantly, I voice out my opinion, thoughts, and generally what I know to influence and inspire others to make a move. Safe to say, I support every cause close to my heart. In this growing enigmatic world, we should try to make a difference.

In our society, having some mental health issues are being frowned upon. There is a stigma that if we, at any time discuss something about it, we will be called out labels like baliw, sira ang ulo, or sira ang bait.

Mental health awareness should be on point. Keeping it healthy is fundamental so we can go on our daily lives in our best real self. There are many circumstances why our mental health could be affected - stress, problems, challeng…

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