Shainne is a Marketing Practitioner and a Writer at the same time. She writes for several online sites and publications here in the Philippines and abroad; as well as product reviews and press releases for local and international brands. Marketing side wise, her favorites are Digital Marketing, Advertising (IMC), Events Marketing and Strategic Planning. Such a geek!

Shainne is kind of weird but a happy and bubbly person who loves singing and explores anything under the sun and shares it to all the people she knows. She wants to travel the whole world as she tries to acquire more units in her chosen field, marketing.

She is a very very good friend who picks up her drunk friends even wee hours of the night. She's gonna laugh at you at first when you did something stupid and will not let you do that stupid thing again... alone!

Coffee is what keeps her going. Oh well, we can't remember a certain thing that keeps her not!

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