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My Last Year in Graduate School (Hopefully!)

I'm getting all emotional facing my last year in graduate school. Currently, I'm on my second to the last semester - my supposedly last semester if it not because of the divided Master's Thesis (Master's Thesis 1 and 2). They do not allow overload of the thesis for all apparent reasons. Hehe! But, I'm happy to report that it's going to be my final year (hopefully! Cross fingers!).

So much had happened while I was enrolled. To tell you honestly, I didn't have any idea that I would be able to ace grad. school. In fact, it was a long-time dream to enroll but I didn't get so serious about in until the last quarter of 2015.

I was a busy person (well, until now. I think I'm a lot busier now than I was before). Going to the office, film shooting, writing, and all those sort of stuff got me really occupied. During my free days, I was sleeping or hanging out with friends. I was here, there, and everywhere.

As far as I enjoy my life way back then, it hurled o…

MHAP: Share-a-Snack Project

Since 2014, I have been active in supporting different causes especially about the environment. Since then, I have been an environmental activist and advocate on reducing the use of plastics and other materials that could have a long-term effect on the environment.

I donate, I support, I volunteer, and more importantly, I voice out my opinion, thoughts, and generally what I know to influence and inspire others to make a move. Safe to say, I support every cause close to my heart. In this growing enigmatic world, we should try to make a difference.

In our society, having some mental health issues are being frowned upon. There is a stigma that if we, at any time discuss something about it, we will be called out labels like baliw, sira ang ulo, or sira ang bait.

Mental health awareness should be on point. Keeping it healthy is fundamental so we can go on our daily lives in our best real self. There are many circumstances why our mental health could be affected - stress, problems, challeng…

Coincidence o Super Power?

We've been waiting for the Ophthalmologist at a hospital for almost two hours, neither one of us had lunch (I just had a bottle of Sprite from the vending machine) so inip na inip na kami... 

R: Ang tagal naman. Ano kayang itsura nung doctor para alam natin na siya yun kapag dumating? Me: Hmmm. Siguro malaki yung tiyan, puti ang buhok, tapos may suot na eyeglasses. R: Grabe siya. Inistereotype! Hahaha! Me: Ano naman grabe dun? (Wala naman derogatory sadyang nagdedescribe lang).Basta. Ano? Yun ang hula ko.  R: Game? Sige. 
After a few minutes.... Dumating si doc....
Malaki yung tiyan. Puti ang buhok... AT may suot na eyeglasses
Coincidence o Super Power? 

Talaga nga naman kasing nakakagalit

This conversation happened quite a long time ago, mga last year yata. I just like to share because it brings so much funny memories and nakakabwiset ones. Mga tipong nakakagalit, because let's face it: kapag may nag agrabyado sa kaibigan mo, mas galit ka kesa sakanya.

Friend: Alam mo ba wala pa kaming isang linggong hiwalay ni *name of person* naging sila na pala nung palaka niyang jowa!
F: grabe!
F: nakakaasar
F: Chinat ko si *name of person* kahapon sa sobrang inis ko
F: Tapos pag gising ko, okay na ko.
Me: Sumagot ba?
F: Oo.
F: Ito sabi ko, wait
F: Ang hirap ng naka laptop ha. (chatting using laptop si bakla)
F: di ako sanay
Me: Nakakagigil. Leche. Kaibigan ko din naman si *name of person* pero ang tigas ng sayad niya.
F: Langya ka pag ka break pala natin naging kayo na ni *name of new girl* agad. Wala pa isang linggo grabe ka naman
F: (her reply to me) Kaya nga. Wala man lang respeto diba. Tanginers.
F: (The guy's reply) Kahit naging kami man agad. Ikaw pa din mahal ko. Ts…

Pasasaan pa at magugunaw din ang mundo

Friend: Nalulungkot ako
Me: Bakit?
Me: Ano ba kinakalungkot mo?
Me: Si *name of person*?
F: Oo
F: Ewan ko affected ako. Kakainis
Me: Sige lang, ganun talaga. Syempre di naman kagad mawawala yun.
F: Hay nako sana pera na lang.
F: Bakit parang di naman siya kina-karma sa mga ginawa niya sakin?
Me: Isipin mo nalang di mo naman deserve yun.
F: Kaya nga. Gold digger kala mo gwapo
F: Napapagod na ko na ganito. Everytime na lang na may ganap sila ng jowa niyang frog [kino-contact niya ako] nasasaktan ako.
Me: You have a good heart. Nasayang lang dun. Hayaan mo, pasasaan pa at magugunaw din ang mundo

'Di pa rin naman nagugunaw ang mundo pero at least masaya na siya kahit papaano.  

It needs a lot of getting used to

Kuya Denz, this needs a lot of getting used to.
You see, I don't open up any of my problems to you, you just know. Now, how can I stay strong when you are now gone and definitely not coming back?
I'm so lost. There's a lot of pressure. I'm under a lot of stress. Lots and lots of it. I don't know where to put my mind next. I'm not happy. I try to be. But as you know it, it's not easy and calling it hard is an understatement.
You know when you got married, I felt like I was going to be second, or even third. But I was wrong. You never made me feel like I'm last, you made me feel like I'm part of something more. Now, I always try to fit in. I don't feel like first. I always feel like I always have to earn it when I actually know I deserve it.
I'm at a lost. I feel like I'm going to self-destruct. I felt like I should've used my brain more since I claim to be smart. 
We miss you so much. Every single time. It's still unbelievable. If we c…