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How I Found My Way to the Kitchen

Truth be told, I'm a picky eater. I didn't like vegetables growing up and I always go for the usual - fast-food and lutong bahay from the nearest carinderia. My lola, my mom, and my titas are great cooks hence the pressure to know some of their recipe. And since I'm a picky eater, I tried cooking for myself (initially), from scratch, from ingredients I personally like.

I grew up with my lola acing the kitchen with her home-made dishes crafted from her inventions and experiments. I always watched her cooking but never really had the chance to navigate the kitchen until I went an independent living and... ahem. fell in love. Hahaha!

I started from the most basic of all... frying! Of course, there goes the kids' favorite - hot dogs. Then it grew to luncheon meat, logganisa, tocino, and eggs. Hehe. When I was living solo, I tend to eat at fast-food restaurants or ~posh~ restaurants alone or with friends. I outgrew every little menu they have and I decided to live healthy.…

How to Ace Your First Trimester

Finding out you are pregnant can be surprising and considered to be one of the happiest days of your life, especially if you want to start your family. It can also be scary because there's another life forming within you whom you need to nourish, accept, love and commit your life with.

So, if it's a positive for you mommy, CONGRATULATIONS!

We all might be under different circumstances when we found out we were pregnant. Some may consider their situation uncalled for and other might consider it an ultimate wish granted.

Every expectant moms know that the first trimester is the most delicate semester during pregnancy. It is the stage when your baby will start to develop his/her vital organs (well, actually everything he/she is) and you needed to take extra care. You will also feel a lot of changes in your body. Some of these changes can be tremendously hard, by the way.

It is true that every pregnancy is different. It can vary from woman to woman. All our systems are deem diffe…

A eulogy for you that never was

As every Sunday is a Sunday to remember. We all couch and get lazy at home and probably watch boxing matches on TV with Papa. Every weekend can be filled with ice cream or spaghetti, and of course, softdrinks - oh how can we forget?
For the past 40 days, everything has been so different. We are still not used to the fact that you are not around, well physically. And more, we will not be used about it all. They say, time will heal all our wounds and our longing. It can be lighter sooner or later but I don't think it will be forever gone. You will always be part of us and will always be dear to our hearts. No matter what the season is. No matter where we are and will be.
I opt not to speak during the time of your wake when it is our turn to give you a eulogy. Because first, I can't do it. I have little to nothing of strength to tell you how I feel; second, I should have told you this personally when I got the chance to do so; and third, you will not be truly gone from me, from…

Boracay for the Tita-ish

The right time to update places I've been to is NOW. Hahaha! I've been slacking to post updates and reviews about provinces, sceneries, food, and other places I visited to this blog. I've been busy with my writing gigs, corporate jobs, and family life. But, it's never too late.
Though this post won't make it for the summer cut, because it's now June and just a day left and it will finally be July, at least we can still book flights to Boracay without grilling ourselves too much.
I visited Boracay for work. We had a photoshoot there when I was still connected with a hotel and it was during the Laboracay season. How pitiful coming to Boracay for work! Hahaha! But we did enjoy LaBoracay, of course!
Since I'm a TITA, I was sleepy the whole night. Hahaha! I finally came to the acceptance that gone are the days when I can party all night and stay awake until 7 or 8 in the morning. For those of you who sort of 'feel' me in this case, you can still enjoy…

Happy Father's Day 2017

Before the day ends today, I want to show my gratitude to the Lord above for giving us fathers that change the way how we perceive life in general. We are thankful for all the life's lesson and discipline our fathers bestowed and taught us, making us who we really are as a person today.

I'm far off blessed to have my papa, dad, kuyas, and titos, who have been and still the foundation and the epitome of how real men should be.

To the greatest man ever who didn't make me wait for anything, who showed me what unconditional love is together with the best woman in my life (mama), Papa.

Happy Father's day, Papa! You are part of my every thought. Thank you for your love, understanding and guidance. Thank you for saving my life more than once, twice, or even thrice. I couldn't tell you anything more but thank you and I love you.

I hope that you still have more years to spend with us here on earth because we haven't given back even just half of what you have offered …


I'm taking a bit break from writing, ooppsss, not really though as I'm still writing in here now. Maybe I just want to let me feelings out even a little bit.

As I've told you, our family has gone through (and still going through) a tough time because of my dear uncle's demise. It was so unexpected. In line with that incident, I felt like I'm running against time and I need to do everything all out once. It's kind of tiring but I get the fulfillment whenever I serve my family good, whenever I see them happy when they see me, whenever I feel needed.

I'm independent. I know how to be perfectly alone without needing anybody. And so I thought. I think, nobody should do it alone because it is sad and lonely; and by that, I don't mean you need romantic relationships to feel otherwise, I think what we need are good friends and of course, our family.

Sometimes, I can't help but to regret every single time I haven't gotten to spend with my family. Work…


As we go through these difficult times due to a demise of one of our dearest family members, I want to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to all of you who wished as well and extended their deepest and sincerest sympathy for our family's lost. You are all have been dear to us especially during this time that we are experiencing extreme sadness and grief for this unforeseeable event.

I'd also like to share to you things I've learned during the short stint of realizing how truthful and wonderful our Kuya Denz's life has been. He let us realized that no matter where you are or who you are in this life, it is always FAMILY FIRST. He served and supported our family all throughout his life until the very end. We know that even now we've lost him physically, he won't be truly be gone from our hearts for all eternity; and, as much as we are in pained for the end of his life here on earth, we are glad that he is in a much safer and happier place now enjoying hi…

To 2nd Tri and beyond!

2 days left and I'm saying goodbye to my first trimester. The first tri was full of worries and I think up until the end I won't stop worrying or I may be worrying even more. Haha! But I'm happy to report that I didn't experience much of the morning sickness, dizziness, headache and such. It was hard to distinguish whether I'm pregnant or just my normal self sleeping a lot. I'm a sleeper so it was just ~normal~. 
We had a check-up last week and we heard the heart beat again via doppler scan. It was amazing. I was freaking out first because the nurse and the my OB couldn't locate the baby at first try. It turned out he/she was just shy. At 12 weeks, I'm kind of showing but been getting compliments that I just look full/busog. I wish I could say the same on the next weeks and months to come. I'm feeling energetic and started gaining weight like I'm supposed to. I've gained a few pounds but I need to hit another 20 or more pounds as per my OB. 

Dollars and Sex

Reading through the contents of the book Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love by Dr. Marina Adshade brings me a realistic point of view on how the majority are perceiving relationships these days.

As a marketing professional who have been exposed to economics and had the chance to teach it too, I agree with the points of the book, objectively. But on the touch points, there are subjective fields to consider as well and thus, I know it varies from one person to another.

Herein below are the points of the author and my views as we go along:
In many societies, liberal views on female sexuality have led to more freedom. Philippines, I think, is starting to be one of those societies. Our values are conservative and female are expected to be homemakers. But as we rise and go around industrialization and adopting how other society does it, we become more open and accepting on how female can be like. There's equality for each and everyone. Morale is still very much value…

The Happy Mama Day!

I want to thank everyone who took out some moments of their precious time to greet me on Mother's Day. Thank you!! This is my first time to celebrate Mother's Day as a mother, so it means a lot to me. Parang first birthday ko! Hahaha! And of course, it wouldn't be complete without my mama and mommy along, as well as my titas and cousins who share the good role of being a mother with all of us. Thank you so much Ross and Ryu for taking me out and for your surprise. It feels Valentine's Day.

Thank you to my tito and titas for the Mother's Day salubong with mama and with the new van. Haha!

Happy Mama! :)

To all mothers who have been told 'you are not/not yet a mom'

Dear Woman,
I know. Each word from that heavy phrase stings right through your veins and questions every little thing you put up with to fulfill your role as a mother, as a parent, and/or as a guardian. You are a mother who chooses your family every minute of the day and yet you have been told that you are not the person who you are right now, a mother.

Retracing your life to fulfill the hardest full-time job you can ever encounter in this life. There's no vacation leave, sick leave, paid leave or even holidays. You are on it until your shift lasts and there's no retirement with pension guaranteed. You are a mom.
You are strong by far making choice everyday for your family, instilling good manners and right conduct to your children even if you have to play being the tough parent. You get less of love because you are sometimes stiff because you want them to learn, you want them to practice what they have learned and to instill realizations for them to grow. That is your sacrif…

The Magic with Organic

I don't remember having a perfect skin. My skin is definitely not perfect though fair but not good.
I was athletic and layas. I used to go to different places by air, land and sea and I go around UP, Manila Museums, QC Memorial Circle, and other parks in the Metro just by walking. I don't even like staying in cold places, I prefer natural breeze (that's how I grew up), I'm ginawin by nature and I'm a summer baby. So that can explain why and also due to some hormonal thing. Nonetheless, there are days I feel and/or look pretty. Kahit minsan. Hahaha!

During my first few weeks of being pregnant, I was okay. My skin is fine and believe it or not, I'm glowing. Naks! But when I enter my 9th week into this pregnancy, my skin started to become dry. How frustrating! I had my first pre-natal check-up at 4 weeks because I'm early to know that I'm pregnant because I was always on the look out. Hahaha! So during that check-up there were a lot of things I should not …

10th week

I'm on my 10th week this week and I'm starting to feel big. (or I believe I should just flush out some poo poo from the inside). Everything seems to be stressful and I can't wait to wash away some of it.
As I course through this pregnancy and happy to know that I'm finally ending the first trimester soon, I'm also glad to have consulted with my OB about my progress and she told me I was very good. Hahaha! She also told me that I don't need a follow-up ultrasound because I was happy to report that at 7 weeks, baby's heartbeat is at 143 BPM.

Though there are a lot of problems arising, I'm still happy that there are still good things in the corner for me. My mom and I are in pretty good condition and I can quite feel that she's excited for me, she even offered to buy the baby some new stuff. Quite a big one from mom. Knowing it made me feel loved even more. The support and the excitement of my family, especially from both my mom and dad is really a big…

Yes Please

Finally! I'm done reading Yes Please by Amy Poehler. Haha! So I started it probably September or October of 2016 and by then I staggered. As you know, I'm a fan of both Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. I love their tandem, how funny and empowering women they are and their contribution to improv and writing is off-the-charts.

Thanks to Ross for giving the book to me. I was looking for it everywhere and very interested to know its price and surprisingly, he just bought it without me knowing. Sweet and thoughtful. Thank you so much. 
In every book that I read, I always carry with me a sticky note and a pen to write down quotes and/or phrases that smash me out of my spirit, things I can relate to, and lessons I can carry throughout this life. I did the same with Yes Please and while as I was reading, I couldn't stop laughing also. Thank you Amy for giving me happiness. Haha!
I know enough now to know I know nothing  Haha! It's true. I feel the same. Before, I thought I know every…

A year older, a year wiser

Before we come to an end of April 2017, I would just like to thank all of my friends and my family for taking some time from your busy days to greet me on my birthday last April 22. As we get older, I think birthdays are often considered not as special as when we were still 7 or 18. Because, yes, we are getting older each day, each year and most of the time, we don't want it to happen.

Yet, growing old is a privilege and getting wiser is optional. In this new year, I will become more than who I am, I'm now a mother which gives me another important purpose in this world. It wouldn't be easy but it will definitely be worth it.

As I turn into another chapter of my life, I appreciate the value of family more. They're the ones who would not judge you for all that you are and for all that you are not. They're always going to be there because that's how real family is like. I thank the Lord for the gift of family.

I thank Ross for being so thoughtful and doing everyth…

On Mamahood

New on this blog is the section...mamahood! Haha! Aside from being a #titaofmanila, I'm officially a mama. This first trimester has given me challenges because first, it's not easy to be pregnant though I didn't (and still praying that I don't) experience severe pregnancy symptoms and it usually lasted only a couple of minutes or hours. Second, I got through an upset stomach (LBM in a more common term), it was perhaps the most severe stomach ache I have experienced in nearly 3 decades of living. I wasn't dehydrated yet by then though I still have to take fluids and antibiotics (that the OB prescribed and said to be safe for pregnancy). Aside from that, I had a little little spotting when I was 4 weeks preggers and was given Duphaston that I'm taking for a month now.

I'm on my 8th week (8 weeks 2 days to be exact) and last week we heard and saw the baby's strong heartbeat at 143 BPM. Awww. What a great consolation to see it while I was suffering from an …

Sana noh?

Nakakaiyak. Sa saya at sa lungkot.
Minsan ba naisip mo din kung pwede kang makabalik dun sa dating pangyayari, sa dating ikaw, sa kung paano dati? Miss na miss ko kung gaano kasimple ang buhay dati. Simpleng bahay, masikip nga kung iisipin. Walang aircon. May shower pero hindi gumagana. Hindi malaki ang kusina. Nasa sulok ka lang natutulog pero masaya ka. Sobra. Si mama at papa nandiyan lang. Pag labas mo may makukulit na bata, nakakatawa, magulo, maingay pero sobrang may respeto at malambing.

Gabi-gabi iniisip ko kung kailan ako makakabalik at gabi-gabi ko din kinakailangan tanggapin na hindi na ako makakabalik sa dati. Ang saya sa bahay. Lahat mahal ka. Ultimo alikabok mahal ka. Tahimik ka, ok lang. Wala ka sa mood, ok lang walang away, ayos lang yun. Walang nagiiskor kung may nagawa ka bang mabuti o wala. Walang nanghuhusga kung nagsungit ka o hindi. Pwede kang maging ikaw na wala ka masyadong iniisip na damdamin. Pwede mo gawin lahat ng gusto mo, suportado ka lang, walang sumasama…

Dear anak

Dear anak,

First and foremost, I want to say sorry for putting you in this kind of situation wherein you don't even have a choice. I'm sorry, I was calling the shots anak. You just don't have any idea how much I needed an alliance to help me on all of these, on what we should do in our lives right now. I'm not always right and I won't always be either.

You are the greatest thing that's ever happened to me and no matter how hard it is and will be, I promise that I will just be here for you. I will teach you lessons in life that will help you get through tough times and appreciate the good times. Anak, I won't give you everything you want but I will surely give everything you need. I want us to live in modest means so you'd know how to appreciate even the little things in life. I won't spoil you with material things but I will spoil you with love, care and understanding. I'm sorry anak if you won't be the first choice of some people, but I pro…

6 weeks and 6 days

Hi anak!

You are 6 weeks and 6 days today! :) 48 in days, 2 in months.
I'm hoping to see/hear your heartbeat next ultrasound so I know you're okay there inside.

Sorry if mama is stressed lately, must be the hormones anak. How are you doing there? I hope you are ok and doing good. I hope you are growing well. I can't wait to see you, anak. I can't to share your stories with my friends. I'm so giddy to see you.

Mama Tita is also excited for you. I hope you can grow up with her like how mama did. I promise you'll learn a lot of things. Kuya Derenz, Ate Reeza and Kuya Charles are there too. You will be well-loved there. :) just give me a hint if you're not feeling ok ha so we can ask our OB what we can do.

Mama is still at work as of this writing. I'm feeling a little melancholic just by waiting for you. Mama needs a big hug, I wish you can be physically here to give me that much needed hug. I love you anak.

Just hang in there.



This is how much I miss you

I miss you. More than you can ever imagine.
Remember when I was little and you sing to me then I always cry because your song is so
melancholic and it made me feel like I will lose you. I always want to go back to that everytime.
Those clear memories when I was little and having a hard time because there were so many things in our lives that I couldn't understand but I should. You always tell me that someday I will be happy, I will be number one, and I will deserve it just as long as I will believe.

I did believe that, mama. And up until now I still do. Every night I cry because I miss you. I miss your smell, I miss your hugs, I miss how you understand me and not being angry at me whenever I throw tantrums and whenever I'm just quiet. You always know my heart's desire. You always know what's inside of me. I miss you mama. You're my comfort.

I'm sorry for all the times I didn't spend with you. I'm sorry if I can't provide more for you and papa. Above…

No, this isn't cheesy.

Valentine's Day is not for everyone.
It is true.

As the day gets closer and closer, we often think about what's going to happen (if you are taken and in a happy relationship) or how you will skip it and fast-forward to the next (if you are single or in certain situation, whatever that is). Valentine's day is not only for those who are happily in-love or for group dates with your group of friends to celebrate life as single individuals; the day is also a test on how much stronger you are by means of what you can endure if you feel otherwise  (hahaha!!) or if you are going through something more important than flowers and chocolates. It is also a test to your patience on how much longer could you still wait for that marriage proposal you've been longing for, flowers and/or chocolates that were promised to you (or you expect - ayan kasi); or a test on how you will keep your composure as a mother by which Valentine's day have long gone from you and your partner's s…

Starting Over and Over and Over Again

I have been in this phase for the longest time. It's not new to me and probably, it will not be a question for me how I will do it. Yet, after all, I felt like I'm being renewed in life. And yes, no one's counting how many takes you've done and surpassed to make a beautiful film; that well in fact, your bloopers are what makes it more fun and exciting. My journey in life was never easy and it will never be, I know that for sure. But there is something definite about it: I will get tougher, stronger and wiser. That goes without saying (even though I cry myself hard sitting on the toilet and making  life's decisions in the shower.)

My career had taken the flight out; high up the ground. I achieved more than what I even expect from myself. I was a manager at 23, a department head at 24; indeed an achiever at a young age than the ideal manager/department head time. While some are just finishing their undergraduate studies, me on the other hand is already spearheading m…

The Happiness Track

By Emma Seppala, PhD

Most people, when asked what do they want in life would answer: success, love, money, and happiness. Not all successes in life can coincide to happiness; yet, doing everything th
at makes us happy - no matter how small - can bring success.

In the book The Happiness Track by Emma Seppala, PhD, she discussed great things that will help us go around our happiness and success - absorbing the moment, reducing our stress, and teaching us how to live a life (or getting a 'life' in case we don't have one).

We focus too much on the future, but we can train ourselves to remain in the present moment.Focusing on the future reduces your attention in the present moment, making you more likely to miss significant things that are happening now.  Have you ever tied yourself to work thinking about all the things you planned and the person you want to be five years from now? I have. I was quite a workaholic - having a stable job right there and having other part time jobs…