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One year ago nasa Baguio ako, at nung taon bago pa. Madaming tao pero malamig pa din. Naglalakad, tipong kahit saan makarating.

Ngayon, nasa bahay lang ako. Nanonood ng mga balita - yung iba hindi makauwi ng Baguio at ng ibang probinsya dahil sa rally ng mga drayber at kundoktor. Sana makauwi na sila.

Quota ako sa pagpunta sa Baguio ngayong taon dahil sa dating trabaho. Parang yung lugar slows you down. Parang nirerelax ka kahit alam mo sa sarili mo na hindi ka relaxed at stressed na stressed ka talaga. Madaming memories ang nandun sa Baguio - memories na hindi romantic; memories ng moving on at letting go at mga sobrang ginaw moments.

Naalala ko, mga three years ago siguro, nasa Baguio din kami ni Emily; namomroblema siya sa pag-ibig; ako din yata, namomroblema ako kasi ayoko ng pag-ibig. Pareho kami ng problema pero magkaiba. Weird. Pero ganun talaga.

Last year nasa Baguio din kami. Maginaw. Madaming tao. Pero iba yon; kasi wala kaming problema ni Emily. Wala kaming ginawa kundi mag…

2016: All 'is' to 'was'; all 'are' to 'were'

2016, where do I begin?

Almost everyone has claimed 2017 to be theirs already. Hmm. Does it work on a first-dibs-basis? If it does then I'm out. Nevertheless, I'm planning 2017 to be more fun and fruitful; I'm choosing it to be like that and somehow, I can't wait.

2016 wasn't perfect... at all. Up until now I'm still being tested and I'm still pushing through the hardness and harshness of this year; though there have been a lot of unexpected great things occurred along the journey, I couldn't be any happier; if I may just say.

I had to make tough choices in life - career move, residence, unusual places to explore and a lot of different people to interact with. Some might not be my choice but okay. A lot has changed from the past year. Some might not be that wonderful to think of; some are good and taught me a lot of good things. Each of it serve its purpose.

I had to be stronger, I guess; and somehow I managed to be one eventually. 2016 might not be tha…


Last month of 2016!

I'm completing my research proposal for my course in grad school. Konti nalang! I still have a few courses to conquer, pero konti nalang.

Gusto ko grumadweyt na hindi. Gusto ko kasi magastos hehe saka gusto ko na magturo; ayaw ko kasi beyond the gastos, it makes me to retain sharp or make me sharper (?) either. There's something about studying that vacates your negative mind even though the universe says otherwise - do not be so positive so you won't expect. So?! E ano?

As I'm down to finishing my last requirement for the semester, I'm feeling nostalgic. I maybe not the same person when I first entered grad school. I feel broad. I feel that I accumulated more in life but not monetary. Education is a good investment, sabi nga nila. I do believe it now. It made me understand words more, made me stand up stronger for what I know because I know it's the right thing. It's different all throughout, it tighten me up and braced me to reach and a…