Burger, fries and everything nice

Weekend couldn't get any better when you get to spend it with a true friend who knows you too well and whom you most likely to share the remaining fries on the table.

Rara and I went to watch the movie Insurgent. We enjoyed all 'falling off from the highest building' to the 'love interest' and how the movie pursued to showcase how we can achieve peace. For all the movie fans of Insurgent, I know this description will be too shallow for you guys and I'm sorry. (I'm just to giddy giddy so my serious hat is taking its break, just for the record.)

Back to the grind - we came in way too much early for the movie so we have decided to eat (I think, I've decided to eat because Rara is on a diet and I pretty much destroyed it for the day.) I've been to many burger joints but I've never been to 8cuts Burger Blends until today.

I am a tiny person who has a big appetite. Pizza, pasta, burgers, fries, sweets and tons and tons of sodas and other unhealthy food - name it, I'll eat it. In our case, we try to balance everything. Keyword is: try.

We pretty enjoyed the ambiance of the place. Very conducive to friendship story-telling and catching up. Hehe 

(c) Rara Solitario
Get to know more about 8cuts Burger Blends through their Social Media accounts.

8cuts Burger Blends' Regular Burger 1/4 lb. 

(c) Rara Solitario
Rara and I before I destroy her diet

(c) Rara Solitario
Happy people planning for summer escapade. Always better together!

(c) Rara Solitario
Burger, fries and everything nice. 

Like I've mentioned, we really enjoyed the movie Insurgent and we both have a deeper understanding of the movie especially my friend Rara, she happened to know the prequel of the movie and it was her brilliant idea to watch it at the very first place (she originally planned to watch the movie last week but didn't get the chance to. Buti nalang din! Then I got to watch. Haha!)

Insurgent aftermath:

(c) Rara Solitario
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf


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