A letter of gratitude

March 1, 2015

Dearest friend,

Starting out a sensible letter gives me the creeps. Starting a sensible letter of gratitude makes me crumble. There are just so many things that I must say. Things that words are sometimes not enough to have everything interpreted. And this is one of those things.

Like 100% of individuals here on earth, I am not perfect. I can be irritating at times, too. That could be one of the reasons why the sky of the two evil sisters ignited - to bring me down to my knees; well, of which, wasn't successful after all (apparently). I am proud to say.

With that being said, I know you know that we both know and we are in the same box of tiles, of puzzles, that is yet to be whole. We and the most of people who experience the same thing have the most vivid versions of how to survive. I must say that to have you as a confirmed confidant of mine, of fairness and equality, is enough kind of tile in the broken puzzle of me that continues to be whole.

I neither seek nor beg for understanding and acceptance from people during those moments. For I always believe that people who truly care for you will stay no matter what the weather is. And for years, I was right and now, I still am. You are one of the living proofs why I still have hope that people have the capability to understand; why friendship is beyond the sugar-coatings; why things are better to be truthfully given, in the right place and in the right time. I love that you don't tolerate wrong-doings, and I like that you are on the same page as mine.

I might have this so random but I want to showcase my gratitude for being one of God's given instrument why I should and I must still hold on to be always cheerful and happy - on the surface and on the contrary of it.

Friday night I went home with words in my head and happiness in my heart because of good friends that I have discovered. The words and thoughts are scratching my temples wanting me to write them down. I left them unanswered. I went to sleep. Saturday I woke up with words and thoughts bugging me, still. And on Sunday, I have decided to write all of these down, tears in my eyes not because this makes me sad but because I am very grateful of how things turned out and how you came along and saved me. Maybe God is pissed off not hearing me say a goddamn thing. I sure he knows that I already knew that He did this on purpose. This is, I know, His one way of saying that there are more quality human beings He just made for us to see. And I came across one of those human beings. You.

Thank you for your ears that have all the hearing abilities, your heart and mind that are for better understanding of situations, hopes and dreams; and for your whole being for being you that the universe and I are thankful for. Thank you so much for the timeless laughter and happy moments. Thank you for understanding and letting me know that I am not a retard. I may not talk about my sorrows or the things I felt during those moments but I am thankful because in spite of all my silence... you heard me.

Thank you so much.




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