How our friendship healed my broken heart

I've had it way too many times. My heart into broken pieces. Times you wouldn't be able to oversee or think if it will pass you or if you can get over it. Damn it.

As we grow older, we choose quality over quantity. That's true especially when we are talking about friendship. As you get on with life, you choose people who truly understand you, the ones who will be there when everything is going against you, the ones who will take a bullet for you if need be, the ones who will not let you do stupid things...alone.

People come and go. First, it will be quite depressing to think about or you hope that they can stay longer in your life because you are happy being with them - well, you think so. If you are not used to people coming in and out of your life, this scenario will take its toll on you. You might overthink things but you must always remember that if they are bound to stay in your life forever (hoping that it exists), they will be there for you, in your life, no matter what circumstances or what the weather is and will be.
We've known each other for almost a decade. I wonder how we were able to keep that kind of friendship but nonetheless, it is working well for us. Less drama, less hassle, more fun. Through thick or thin, our friendship managed to keep everything we had beforehand and improved a lot more than we can imagine. I can't fully identify all of those but I don't think enumerating them would be necessary.

That you've been there for me all throughout is not a myth. I've had my heart broken way too many times but you managed to pick up all the pieces, smash it a little bit more but put it back together. I don't have any idea how comforting you can be because you are not, to be honest. Hahaha! Kidding. I know you are, in your own unique way.

To question how you do things is not on my list and never it will be. I've been in long term relationships - good and bad, bad and good and you were there each time I call just to listen to my f'cked up stories and to give me the worst advice - like "drink to that," "don't think about it," blah blah blah. And in the back of my head, "how can you not think about it?!"

You may not be there everytime I was drunk but I sure know you were drinking somewhere else too; then tomorrow comes and we'll talk about our worst hangovers and we survive the day afterwards. I know I have the tendency to be secretive and I may not tell all my stories to you but sure thing that if I want to tell something or part of every stupid (or brilliant) things I did, the first person to know about those is you. I know we are bad liars and that's pretty awesome because the fact that we don't know how to make too much reasons or stories gave me the assurance that this friendship is the 'no-judging' kind.

I'm sure you know a lot about me (A LOT!) even those things I don't know myself. I know you know what's hassle for me, what's corny, what's funny and the rest and I'm kinda thankful that you know because I'm not going to explain things except the deep ones (even I get too defensive, sometimes). Hahaha!

You have healed me in so many ways, from R to V and everything and everyone (friendships, stressful stuff in the universe, etc.) in between stories. You have been able me to surrender and give all my trust to someone like you that I know will not leave me especially in times of troubles, in times where even I can't find myself (never happens though, hehe) and the normal times, the normal happy times of my life. Yuck. I know.

I may not be able to remember all the subtle calls you make to greet me 12 midnight of April 22nd but one thing for sure is that I know you are someone who won't forget how special that day is and in case you do, you are dead! Don't dare.

I write this because you have a new GoPro and I was very amazed and happy because you purchased one. Hahaha! Kidding. I write these words because it felt like I should, there has to be no reason why I did. I write because I have a story to tell before stories forget me.

To you, the moody person that you are, this might be the first time I'm going to tell this to you but I just want to let you know that I'm blessed to have you in every step of the way. You are indeed life's gift to me. Eew, right? But it's true, I won't lie.

Here's to a more wonderful friendship and to life-long troubles (that we would manage to survive anyway). Whatever.

And that is how our friendship healed my broken heart.


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