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Not right on the right knee

At the age of 25, he already has an established image in the NBA (National Basketball Association), he was selected first overall at the 2008 NBA Draft Pick by the Chicago Bulls and he was named the Rookie of the Year - well-played tough games and created his own statement.

He received the NBA Most Valuable Player Award in 2011, the youngest player to ever win the award at age 22. He was quite Michael Jordan in the making, who was known to get the same award. And yes, he is Derrick Rose or D Rose as we call him.

We all know that the 6'3" player of Chicago Bulls was outside the court for the 2012-2013 season due to his left knee injury. He was then missed playing in the court, shooting, running, dribbling and his follow-throughs. Training took place, practice will definitely make it perfect and he was finally back. D Rose risen up, as expected, as we all waited, he's definitely back on track.

It was ON! The season is starting the fire for the whole team but November 22nd …

Bangon Pilipinas!

Also published in NewsGraph's RiskTalkers page:
------------------------------------------------------------- Typhoon Yolanda (Typhoon Haiyan) smashed the whole Visayas region and left almost nothing to our kababayans. It is indeed devastating to see that our fellow countrymen don't have anything to eat, anywhere to live in and worse, lost everything, including their loved ones.

Personally, I can't endure the amount of bad news I'm seeing - photos from the internet, TV reports, write-ups and the like. It stings. It breaks my heart. With the simple help that I made possible, I'm wishing that we could all recover from this challenge. Indeed, God gives his hardest test to the strongest people; and that's us, Filipinos. 
We all know that we're moving too slow. We all know that this government can't do more about it and that's the thing we need to accept and face; instead of us ranting about the stuff that woul…

Thought Bubble

It was then my dark days that I couldn't think of anything but the hard game of life that I was into. I came from a tough round, almost every year, but I know it won't last and I won't cling to it like what I always do. What day I was referring to? I couldn't fully remember though it's ok for me to think about what had happened - but I just couldn't remember when and even how.

I thank the Heavens for whatever it was. Happy times, rough times and even dull ones - that I couldn't barely get on the road and staying in one place where I wasn't even sure if that place would love me after all was the answer to whatever I was feeling way back then; even if I had opt to extend my stay and like the feeling that I was feeling. No, it didn't like me back because the place wanted to me to move to another place and get on the road which was the real plan of this life for me.

People came then left, other have stayed and I thank them for that. Weird that I was and…


Love is about staying, never letting go and never leaving for another place, for another feel, or for another whatever you may think of. But this love we feel right now should not be consumed by ambitions, by another feel, by another phase or by another motion that will set the one thing we aim to have in our entire life for long apart; and it is love.

I've learned it the hard way. Nothing did come easy. I'm a believer of this shit, and I think I will always be one. Believer that I was before, there are conditions apply for me to believe. And then I have learned that conditions should and must not be applied nor exist.

Then, "If it isn't love, it's  a little more like it." There were times I was petrified, but that won't count for too long; for I don't just believe but I do have my faith as well, and never will I get loose of it. Never.

There are lessons I've learned and there are things also that a man should take into good consideration, too. I …