April! It's a busy busy month! My birthday is fast approaching and I'm kinda excited to celebrate it on a different note. We're part of the workforce now and we all can see how we've lost our humor. Hahaha! 'Cause of too much work involving. Anyway, still the same circle that allows you to think jokes deeply to overrule a joke from someone. It still the same and I must say, it's awesome.

A lot of things coming, a lot of things going and a lot of waiting involved. There are things you want to do, you need to do, you're wishing you can do, you're wishing could come after, blah blah blah, but one thing you will surely learn is the balance to keep everything in good faith. 

Hmmm. I'm thinking, maybe I should blog about my gelato experience and the best fries I've tasted for the past week! Nyehehe! 


  1. i miss reading your blogs... still as awesome as ever. :)


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