Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)
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Last Wednesday we watched Silent Hill: Revelation; we were planning to watch it early of November but Breaking Dawn 2 nailed all the cinemas. So, I guess that was the reason why there was a delay of screening date for this movie. Anyway, I was pretty amazed about how the story went (a continuation of the previous one...Of course) but the plot was pretty much close-ended (because the end wasn't a hanging-story like) and it gave a lot of different twists.

Heather Mason's phase of being drawn into a bizarre truth of her nightmares were frantically answered. With her, connecting the stories of her nightmares gave her the will to burst out the reality and let there be light to fight or killed the darkness.
Silent Hill: Revelation has a kind of direct to the point plot and not really the kind of conformist to other horror movies.

A must-see movie this weekend!


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