Tuesday the 13th

The title sucks, right? Anywaaaayyyyy.

One morning at Serye Cafe Filipino (QC Circle).

I went to Quiapo Church last Tuesday then went straight to QC Circle to find myself. Hahaha! Seriously?! Well, my inner wonderful self was demanding for a quiet time so I finally gave in and went to the said place. It was nice seeing those people working out and having their daily dose of aerobics. If I were wearing rubber shoes and some sporty outfit I might have just joined them and sweat my emotions out.

Going back, I had a long walk and had some funny slash serious realizations about my life while strutting it out - it was good. It helped me to plan things out, to pull myself back together and enjoy what I was doing. Hahaha! (Yuck!) If you have gone to see me last Tuesday, I swear.... Imagining it right now will give you a good laugh for sure.

 The moment that I finally realized that I couldn't think right anymore was the same moment I felt that I was already hungry. At the entrance of the park, I know I passed by a good cafe so I went back and actually tried it. People were very accommodating and friendly. I didn't know what to order though, they gave me suggestions but I didn't consider. (Badassery. I'm soo fly. Heehee.) After a few minutes of thinking, I made up my mind and ordered a brownie and an ice blended cappuccino... which left me palpitating the whole day.

And which I'm gonna show you right now 'cause I want to post photos in here.


Ice Blended Cappuccino

I got lame realizations so might as well keep them with me. Solely. Perhaps these photos could suffice, yes? Go visit Serye Cafe Filipino at Quezon City Circle! It's a good place to hangout with friends, think, eat pastries and hey, they do offer grilled delicious foodie too. 


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