My Emptiness | Ciudad

There's gotta be something to ponder on this summer. The sunny day, the heat and everything that a graduating student and soon to be an official part of the 'real' society is going through. I don't know where I'm up to or where I want to be, the sinking in part is not yet into me so the life full of reveries is still a life full of reveries. An escapist, who loves to deal with monsters and zombies, literally and figuratively, is actually having tutorials, alone learning and alone dealing; not an emo though, but I don't know what's going on your mind and I just might don't pay attention. So the so called emptiness that blurring up my view is something to be taken good care of, yes, because it feels right.

Ciudad's My Emptiness is the perfect soundtrack for this perturbation. Teehee! The video is awesome and the lyrics hit me amazingly. Nice! Enjoy the Friday everyone, I hope you can enjoy the stuff that's blurring up your mind too.

My Emptiness by Ciudad

*video from YouTube


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