The finale of March 2012

Last day of March and I'm still kickin' esss in the boredom scene of my life. Last night was crazy though I wasn't drunk - I just stayed in my aunt's home, then got back to my own home in the middle of the night thinking more what ifs, like "What if I have gone to something really cool for tonight? Hmmm. Hanson concert instead of thinking about these what ifs and posting lame statuses in BBM."

I woke up early yesterday and told life that I need something new, because if not I'd definitely utter again that I'm bored, and I do hate saying that. Word. This has been a crazy month for me, a boundary between the comfort zone and the real world, and apparently I don't want this month to end -even though April is my birthday month and it excites me for whatever outing I will have with my friends. I'm getting old, and definitely stronger than the last time I blogged about a guy who left me with nothing even a stupid 'goodbye'. Well, I saw him again. I was shaking then not because I was angry or what (like the last time that I wanted to curse the whole of his world because he was definitely an idiot and I was plain stupid for believing on something like that , and that means all the emotions of a guy towards a girl and that thing that's in your mind and other romance flicks inclined into- I guess, we needed that in our lives) perhaps I really wanted to see him because I want to let him know how pissed I was six stupid months ago.

Enough of these reminiscing lame stuff; the important thing right now is how to survive the April Fool's day - and yes, it'll be tomorrow. I usually do pranks every April Fool's but now I could sense that the odds will not be ever in my favor this time - I'm getting myself ready for what's to come; I don't want to be surprised. O.o

The whole day will be spent thinking about pranks and how to get away from those.


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