Dragging me to the club 1.0

Alcohol wasn't my friend, so boo this or boo this - whenever we go to a superclub or a bar... I don't usually drink, even if there's peer pressure involved. (And yes, I could hear a lot of people booing me right now, but hey, at least I don't pretend that I'm drunk. Mark that. Word. Haha)

So, I was chatting with my good good friend and she (@miss_zera) was telling me about this good bar where our group can hang out. and...

@miss_zera: Gusto mo matry yung candy shop Shainne? 2k per 5 person na. Pwede tayo tambay dun... *the highlight* Pwede din hindi uminom hahaha upo lang hahaha

Me: Basta pag hindi iinom, ako e noh? Hahaha

I'll change for the goodness of alcohol, I swear! Haha!
I've been drunk before and I don't have good memories about being drunk (that's why I somehow stopped drinking. Word.) and perhaps... I didn't have memories at all because I couldn't remember every single thing that had happened. Muhahaha.

Party on.


  1. Haahhahaha :)) thanks for being here in your blog :) love it!


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