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Thanks, 2012. Happy New Year!

After tonight, we're on a new year. Fast-paced, right? 2012 has been kinda uncool for me yet I'm very thankful for everything that it taught me. I just couldn't believe that in a few hours a new year will be on, and right now I'm wishing that 2013 could be a great year for all of us since that we survived the hardest stuff of 2012.

My life is just starting on the new phase. After studying, I started working right away and everything else followed until such time that it tested me to be stronger. 2012 had this unique way of showing challenges and solutions, you just needed to find out how it could suffice the required system for each. I was able to endure majority of those stuff, conquered it and apparently survived. I'm proud.
My aunt passed away this year. It was one of those downfalls that my family had this 2012. Holidays aren't the same anymore because we aren't complete, but life still goes on and we try to grasp everything as we try to be present for …

Just One Last Time | David Guetta feat. Taped Rai

Just One Last Time by David Guetta feat. Taped Rai video from YouTube
Happy last day of 2012 people! Let's listen to some David Guetta and Taped Rai for today. This is indeed an impressive one, the song got some wonderful lyrics with a great rhythm. I've been listening to this song for more than ten times already. Haha!


Even though it hurts I can't slow down Walls are closing in and I hit the ground Whispers of tomorrow echo in my mind Just one last time

It's a Merry Christmas 2012!

It's a Merry Christmas!

Hello ya'll! I just want to extend my gratitude to everyone who greeted me and my family this Christmas! Your greetings are very heart warming and awesome, it makes me want to jump up and down. Thank you so much, friends. Thank you people for all the twitter mentions, favorites and retweets, including also your Facebook messages! You don't have any idea how happy I am to receive all of those.

I really hope that you guys are spending the Christmas eve fruitfully. Let's thank the Lord above for giving us a wonderful and peaceful Christmas. We are all fortunate to have food to eat, shelter, family, friends and special someone to share all the blessings with. Let's give thanks and allow ourselves feel the whole spirit of the holidays. Let us show our love to those people around us and give a hand to those who are in need.

Merry Christmas, folks!! Have a wonderful day ahead. Hugs and kisses.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Last Christmas was very fruitful for my whole family (well, this coming Christmas too), but since that I'm kinda living the independent life now, it made me realize that it's nice yet hard to be an adult. I had the last chance to ditch that borderline life and it was successful because the world hasn't ended yet. Well, I guess, that's what happen when you have faith; no matter how impossible or hard a thing will be, you won't find it so negative 'cause you always have a good say about stuff... simply because you have faith and with that, you're looking at the bright side of life. Oh, the spirit of Christmas.

My dad's coming home from Singapore and I wonder how things have changed in a span of a year. The last time I saw him was Christmas last year. He didn't make it to any of my college ceremonies especially my graduation. It was kinda sad but it was okay. We talk about work and other adult stuff like expenses, gadgets, car, lovelife... which I refu…

Hugs, November 2012

Dear November 2012,

This is going to be the last day that you're gonna be around, so I want to thank you for every moment that did count. Perfection isn't a thing for me because I know nothing will be perfect in this damn universe, but let me tell you that you did something that I can treasure for the rest of this year and for the rest of my entire life.
This year will end soon, quite fast I know... just like how you ended.

To tell you honestly, I'm not ready for December yet. You don't need to know the reason why; it's kinda crucial to tell though and I know that no matter what, I must keep it cool and be prepared on what's to come... Which is kinda hard to do but don't worry, I'm trying. *wink*

It's really surprising for me that you're gonna leave us in a few. Thanks for the wonderful you. You gave me things I won't forget and gave me so much to work on for the next month - I must do it because I know it will be all good. I wish I could ha…

Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

Silent Hill: Revelation (2012) Video from Youtube
Last Wednesday we watched Silent Hill: Revelation; we were planning to watch it early of November but Breaking Dawn 2 nailed all the cinemas. So, I guess that was the reason why there was a delay of screening date for this movie. Anyway, I was pretty amazed about how the story went (a continuation of the previous one...Of course) but the plot was pretty much close-ended (because the end wasn't a hanging-story like) and it gave a lot of different twists.

Heather Mason's phase of being drawn into a bizarre truth of her nightmares were frantically answered. With her, connecting the stories of her nightmares gave her the will to burst out the reality and let there be light to fight or killed the darkness.
Silent Hill: Revelation has a kind of direct to the point plotand not really the kind of conformist to other horror movies.

A must-see movie this weekend!

Yey! Saturday!

One word. FUN.

Dear Saturday,
I really had so much fun. Thanks for being so awesome and for letting me dive into the amazing side of life. Paranormal Activity 4 movie experience was kinda disturbing though (cause it really did scare me). Hahaha! It makes me freak out right now but it's fine... I already yelled all 'Oh my gaaaahd' inside the cinema earlier. Thank you for giving me the best hangout experience (with my amazing hangout buddy) today. I'm sure there's a lot more to come. I'm going to meet Sunday tomorrow and I'm seriously hoping that it's gonna treat me well like how you actually did. 
Let's keep the love coming! Happy weekend folks!
Love, Shainne

Tuesday the 13th

The title sucks, right? Anywaaaayyyyy.

One morning at Serye Cafe Filipino (QC Circle).

I went to Quiapo Church last Tuesday then went straight to QC Circle to find myself. Hahaha! Seriously?! Well, my inner wonderful self was demanding for a quiet time so I finally gave in and went to the said place. It was nice seeing those people working out and having their daily dose of aerobics. If I were wearing rubber shoes and some sporty outfit I might have just joined them and sweat my emotions out.

Going back, I had a long walk and had some funny slash serious realizations about my life while strutting it out - it was good. It helped me to plan things out, to pull myself back together and enjoy what I was doing. Hahaha! (Yuck!) If you have gone to see me last Tuesday, I swear.... Imagining it right now will give you a good laugh for sure.

 The moment that I finally realized that I couldn't think right anymore was the same moment I felt that I was already hungry. At the entrance of the p…

Kudos, Life!

Internet connection here at home is finally back, so I think this calls for a celebration! I know it has been a ritual to actually post something at the end of the month and thank it for being wonderful or rant and speak the hell out of it when stuff didn't go right. Yeah yeah.

November is kinda good so far, a way better from how October treated me. There are realizations that made me more focused and determined on how to be happy and live the life like the way it should be. Every bit of action could create a mark, doesn't really matter how big or small it is.

A good friend of mine told me that I should live for the moment... "Live everyday like it's your last day." He said. And I thought, yeah, he's right. I should not worry about stuff in my life because I certainly know that good or bad they will all create a way for me to learn and to experience things and... they will all pass. It doesn't mean that I'm having a bad day now, it's gonna be a ba…


It is so hard to feel okay, to look okay and to tell yourself everything's fine and cool when it really is not. But I guess that's how life is, and that's how life goes... we can't run from it nor hide.
People tend to misinterpret stuff and jumble every single thing, but that's how interpretations could be. We can be strong and grateful after the storm, 'cause we realize that there's a reason for every mishaps in life. It sucks at first though, yet those things that we can't find the reasons for existence are later on define as checked and understood as we get by with the phase.

There's always goodness behind shizz. Those people who hurt you before will soon realize the stuff they did, well lucky you if they surely will but if not, then it's up to them. As long as you know you don't have anything to be guilty for, well, you can survive the day and the whole of life. We thank the Lord for giving us good people around who can cheer us up and c…

Walang Nagbago

Tell yourself, "I can do it!" get a grip, grasp for air and tell the world "so, what?!"

Life's hard, yes.. FUN? Indeed.

Walang Nagbago by Eraserheads
Forget the pride, ego and everything associated to that, keep the vibes positive and up. Let go of the hate and live the life. Life is awesome, we just need to look at the bright side.

Give chances and see what its like. We're not perfect, remember? Alright. :)


We were all happy and excited the last time we went to Laguna... We are back today and we feel totally ironic.

Life is too short, as they say. It's true, indeed. We all made our choices, still making ones and battling to whatever the universe is offering now.

Morrie Schwartz (Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom) said that "Death ends a life not a relationship."

My aunt passed away. She has gone through a lot of medications due to stroke and apparently her body has given up. She experienced the attack of it three (3) times at the very least, and I think it's time for her to join the Almighty God, rest and live anew in His Kingdom. Death ended her life but definitely not her relationship with us nor our relationship with her.

This is going to be a sad Christmas for my family. We aren't complete anymore and it would never feel the same again, but what we are thankful right now is that we have learned to value life more -- we have to live it everyday like it's ou…


Lupit ng mundo
Buti nalang maganda
ako hihihi

Taong Grasa

This short episode of Strangebrew made me laugh. Hahaha! Hahaha!

 On a deeper note, I would want to be good on what I am doing right now (career wise), shift to another and do what I intend to do. It's very important to have fun and try to analyze things and if those could help you in the long run.

If I lose it all and be scared to take chances or grab opportunities, I will be a Taong Grasa. Not that I'm telling you it is bad to be one (because there's nothing wrong with being one - eh kung ganun ba talaga ang life, diba? Let's work hard nalang. Wala naman easy life talaga.), 'cause I know some taong grasa living on the streets, along Morayta, where I used to be a bystander and where I used to do this act of muni-muni whenever deadlines were hitting on me... those taong grasa were really nice, they always say "Hi te!" and ask "kamusta po? Wala pa rin tulog dahil sa projects/paperworks?" It brought me wonderful and flying feelings - that people l…


Trying to grasp the air, flexing with the last fire out of things and livin' the life. Hate, anger and loneliness built by us humans can never change; not until someone would stand up, create a difference and fight for whatever it is to fight for. We can build walls and barriers, exclude ourselves from the cruelty of world... but sometimes we just need it...we just have to. We need to dive in, see how far we can go and test our limitations.

We all get tired sometimes and we all need to take some rest. After a while we are ready again.  We are so back in the game, ready to fight, we have learned all the lessons and we are happy to live the life.

Minutes before 12 midnight. Who would have thought it would end up like this?
You gave me a piece, gave me so many things to remember and you hurt my feelings. Everything's in favor of you, still. I'll wait for the day when we can say 'hi' again and won't feel bad about it. 
Life is way too easier way back then.  It will…

Resident Evil: Retribution (2012)

February of this year, I blogged about my excitement for Resident Evil: Retribution, and finally... The long wait is finally over.

Resident Evil: Retribution Trailer  from YouTube
Well, as expected it was enticing, though in the end you know that there should be another part, 'cause the twist just started. The turns of the entire film was quite fascinating, packed with full-force-action scenes and stunning stunts you know an action/fiction/thriller film should have (or should work on). Alice (Milla Jovovich) battle against Umbrella Corporation just grew on a different level, a different higher level that... yeah, I'm looking forward for the next R.E. Hahaha! It was awesome but I'm more on the side of bitin. I just felt that the whole Resident Evil: Retribution was only the intro of R.E for 2012 as you might consider. 
As T-virus persist to devastate the Earth; changing the whole population to zombies or flesh-eating undead as they call it, Alice is on her way to give her fu…


Today your life begins, just like many people in the whole damn world.
You worry about stuff and you listen to your favorite songs to actually take away that 'worrying' thing. But no matter how hard you try, you're just putting your best to waste... and later you'll know... It's useless.

You want to know things you think you need to know. You want to know things you already know (just to clarify if it's right, or give yourself the reward that yeah... 'I knew it.') 

Everything is going to be hard, but if you're good enough maybe the best reward you can give to yourself is just to be calm when your world is already crashing down.. that sht you are into can give you so many things to remember in time. None of it will feel right but damn, it will be fine, it will be okay.. there's gotta be something good that should happen.

Thanks world, give me more. We got nothing to lose here, so bring it on.

Let the good times roll, September!

Waving at yah September! Ber months are finally here and I can't even wait for all the good things that will come my way. August was a rough yet fun month for my family and for me, personally, but I did enjoy it and thankful that it made me wonderful and it made everything felt fine and cool. Yeaaaaah!

I'm not expecting September to be so perfect but I'm expecting it to be awesome. We all have our plans and things we want to accomplish and hopefully this month will be good.

Let's not spoil it and let's just enjoy!

Let the good times roll, September!

September by Earth, Wind and Fire
Thanks Earth, Wind and Fire for this song, this could make everyone feel fantastic. Happy September!

Laserlight - Jessie J ft. David Guetta

Laserlight - Jessie J ft. David Guetta

'Cause this song is so clingy and Jessie J is so stunning! Awesome!
One of those feel-good-songs of mine, I must say. 
You make me feel good  You make me feel safe You make me feel I could live another day You make me feel good You make me feel safe You know I wouldn't have it any other way
Argh! I wanna dance! Hahaha! 

Oh camera.

Thinking of buying a new cam and start taking snap shots of whatever the universe has to offer. I really miss having a camera, it's been two years since I lost mine, but still too painful. Haha!

It's like a broken heart, that ya know... the pain doesn't really go away, you'll just get used to it. Sound absurd, maybe, but it's true.

Camera phone can't fully suffice but the 'thought' is still there, perhaps I could make use of my creativity or the much-better-version-of-creativity of some photo editing apps, well... if I'm not too lazy to function or too excited to post/upload pictures to let the cyberspace see/know.

Happy long weekend.

Miss World Philippines 2012 - Talent

I saw this video online. Showcasing Miss World 2012 Talent portion (yeah, I must say) and could definitely tell you that Ms. Philippines nailed it. She didn't win the special award though, but he showed the audience a very unusual talent especially in a pageant like this.

All I can say is wow! I'm getting jitters and goosebumps while watching this clip; I'm really amazed, it makes me even more proud to be a Filipina. And I tell you, she got real swag ya'll!
Miss World 2012 Ms. Philippines Queneerich Rehman

D Rose will rise. Join him - Adidas

This is a nice goodie from Adidas!

D Rose will rise. Join him.

This 6-foot-3 will going to step back in again. #thereturn Kudos Adidas!

On the loop

Saw this Looper movie trailer and it intrigued me. I can't wait to see this film.

Too excited because of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I really adore him eversince, especially when he played as Tom Hansen in 500 Days of Summer, John Blake (Robin) on the recent Batman which is the Dark Knight Rises and as I remember he was part of the movie Inception too. Addition to excitement is the great Bruce Willis... so as early as now, I know that the film is going to be spectacular.

Looper (2012)
Starring: Bruce Willis Joseph Gordon-Levitt Emily Blunt
Written and Directed by: Rian Johnson

I don't know

I don't know.

I don't know what I should do, or if ever I know... would it be okay? right? or what? I need some time to think about this. I don't know if it's right or wrong, if it's good or bad, but I know that I've been wanting to be alone.
I felt like I'm losing my old self, and this isn't me anymore. I felt like I've gone too far and this isn't what I want anymore.

For all the things that I've been through, it made me love myself even more. I've learned that at the end of the day it is myself who's going to be there and no one else would be perfectly fine to tell me and to make me feel that everything is okay, or the other way around.

I don't need someone to ruin things for me, 'cause I can ruin it all by myself. I don't know.

What I'm sure now is that I need to find myself. I need to clear up my mind... and I don't want anyone to interfere... well, maybe having their sensible words could help me along the way…

Here comes the sun, Philippines

Everything's normal again, Philippines.

Back to work, back on track and all. I know the past two days are hard to digest and we had enough about the weather, but now, knowing that there's hope and the sun showed up earlier, Filipinos are ready to fight and live the life again.

For those who are still in trouble, our prayers are with you guys. And for those who are stable, let's help our kababayans even in our own little ways and let's show them love, care and support that they truly need.

God bless Philippines, have faith.

Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles
Here comes the sun, Philippines. Mabuhay!

Ya ready for more?

Thursday afternoon here in the office. I'm contemplating, and guess what... it's the 2nd day of August 2012, that reminded me that I'm already on my third month of being part of the workforce; third month of paying taxes and other stuff that you need to actually feel legit about these requirements that the corporate world is willing to offer.

And it all boils down to one thing... I miss school. I definitely miss school. Moments where you could act as if you don't have any worries about tomorrow, except if there's an exam, recitation or whatever paper works that you need to submit to get your degree and to test if you have the ability to think uniquely from the others. On the other note, when you're already working your ass off, you get to know the value of money and you get to learn that every centavo counts, that being a 'bulakbol' will make you suffer and that idea isn't cool after all.

Gone are the days when you can actually roam around the camp…

Absolutely music, absolutely Franco

OPM at its best!

Rumors has it, I can't even... T.T

I heard that one of my favorite OPM bands is actually disbanding. That's definitely sad for the music scene. I saw updates from my friends referring that the band Franco is calling it quits.
I remember the very first time my friend, Aldrin, introduced me to Franco songs, not divulging what band it really was and all, just the plain songs itself. It sounded really international and I told him that their songs were really nailing it; every word, every rhythm and all stuff. Then he laughed at me and proudly told me that it's OPM! I was like wow!

Franco is really extraordinary, very classy and expressive. Every lyrics on every stroke, indeed... Truthful.

Another friend told me that the last gigs that Franco performed were already on a verge of going solo. Franco, playing acoustic sets alone; after that, the news popped out that the band is really calling it quits, just like what many other bands did. It's heartbreaking bu…

Tsss Friday Night

Not a good Friday night huh. But I wish I could have all the powers to make it right and cool.
I know that I ranted too much on twitter about Friday night, I hate to say it but somehow you needed to vent it out somewhere to get that issue out of your system, 'cause if not, you know that within you, you're gonna explode anytime.

I'm just letting it out. I know this was crazy and all stuff but I'm still thankful that I'm alive.

Heeeheee on July 2nd

I may not know everything but at least I want to try.
Let me be the one to do it 'cause I don't want to lie.
I know things are getting harder each day til I die.
I'm living like I'm on the verge of hay and I must not cry.
Life's a beast but yet it makes me really high.

You came along during a sad song.
You pulled everything closer and it's you where I belong.
The road is far away, the ride I know is long.
But, definitely on the this way I know I have you all along.
My heart can't feel the emptiness, and it won't for too long.

You proved to me that I'm not better alone and I need someone like you.
I gave in and told you that you were someone far from the few.
I know that this ride wouldn't be easy and everything we know will be through.
But at least I want to enjoy every single thing with the love I have in you.
Please believe that I'm just here and everything will be me and you.

Bow. I can't sleep and I'm busy at all stuff about home…

Oh you, Monday.

I love How I Met Your Mother. Seriously.
Popped out of nowhere; I love the concept. Ya know, the humor, the friendship, relationship, realizations in life and all other stuff are really the best. I can't explain well enough how much I'm craving for some goodness of life, just like that, and I must say... it's awesome.

From Future Ted:

"Kids, life is a dark road. You never really know what's up ahead. One night you're cruising along enjoying the ride and then all of a sudden, you're 28."
It's true that when we are enjoying things in life we won't be able to notice the time. We party hard, drink, smoke, drink more, dance, shared stories about our lives and laughed our lungs out all throughout. We sometimes give in to those things every single night, thrice or twice a week, so on.. and we didn't notice... Life is passing us by, that fast. We're 20 yesterday and now we're 28; we're 28 now and tomorrow we will be 32. The transition …

Friends with Kids (2012) and the thoughts of a supahstar

Friends with Kids (2012)

I was looking for movie trailers on the internet when I saw this Friends with Kids (2012) movie trailer which apparently caught my attention. We all know about the friends with benefits or no strings attached setup, it goes a little something like this but this friends with kids is a little too serious and emotionally catchy - of course, it comes up with the fact that two people wouldn't be 'together' like no commitment at all but decides to have kids and stand as parents - but still NOT together (just friends). 
I think it was the fun of being single that actually made them not to get into a serious relationship - but for the record, they've decided to do it and have kids. Kids are too cute, cuddly and really enticing, and somehow I know where they (the so-called 'friends with kids') were coming from. I've thought about that before, the thing that I wanted to have kids but I don't want a husband or a partner... for the fact th…

Megalomaniac by Incubus

Earlier today at the office while rushing some requirements and other quotations for work related stuff, my officemates/friends Boss Bryan, Juno and I are having "do you know this song?" kind of conversation. We shared and exchanged thoughts and named songs from Gin Blossoms, Blink 182, Korn, Incubus, The Beatles to name a few. Grasp also and relate some past experiences about those songs.

I told them that my dad was into Incubus (since it's Father's day tomorrow, I think it has to be said hahaha) Aside from Nice To Know You and Drive, one 'feel good' song by the Incubus is Megalomaniac. I don't know really but whenever I hear the song, I just wanna headbang and make a crap out of everything because I'm feeling really really good. I love how it was executed, I love everything about it's rhythm and to tell you honestly, it's a nice song whenever you are working out or cleaning your room - it gives this kind of urge to accomplish tasks and to al…

Call Me Maybe (Carly Rae Jepsen, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots)

Carly Rae Jepsen, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots - Call Me Maybe

I know what you guys feel about this song. I've been LSS-ed for 3 weeks now, and this is just so sick. Haha! It's really indeed catchy! Damn!

This collab with Jimmy Fallon and The Roots is amazing, hahaha! Featuring all the classroom musical instruments gave it a new wonderful version.

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy.. but here's my number, so call me maybe. 


Holy bananabels! I'm missing all my friends, like totally. I miss them as much as I miss my college life and all other stuff that you can associate with the so-called 'comfort zone'. I miss being with them, stress-free, bullying each other, talking about funny and gross things, sharing links and websites of whatever that the cyber world is actually taking on the verge of concern and all the happiness, sadness and staring blankly ahead moments everyday of our young, wild and free lives.

I hope we could have more time to share funny and immature things; because, as far as I am concerned, these moments now are those so-called 'moments' for some mature ventures in life. Well, it's really good to see the transition and the changing of phase from time to time. How I love it, seeing us grow and decide about something big about our lives were just so priceless! The goodness of this life deserves a thumbs up and a high jump.

Another Day

June is kickin' in. I'm having a bad start but that doesn't mean that the rest of this month is going to be bad. I'm still hoping for good things to come 'cause I know we all deserve the goodness and awesomeness of times, especially in times that we actually choose to live and be on track of the good and bad side of the situation.

It's true that if you don't ask you wouldn't be able to find out and to know the answer. Every little thing is so clingy right now, I might now want to comprehend and reciprocate to the clingy side but I don't have any choice - It's bitchin' me up in some point, but I already know the 'real thing', my 'real friends' and those whatever 'real' that deserves to be a part of me and deserves every single stuff of the 'real me'.

I'm thanking heavens for new good and real friends! The hugs, the kisses and everything are the ones who gave me life last night and helped me survived. It wa…


We really can't please everyone. That's for sure.

Seriously, world? Why are you doing this to me? Come on people, can you please think of other ways on how to make your own lives wonderful and let go of that 'judgmental' spirit and phase?
You're judging a person by that single mistake; are you really like that? Engaged into something else (like bitterness and insecurity)? I'm telling you, insecurity will lead you nowhere. 
What goes around comes around. God bless you. I hope you guys can realize some of those good stuff about life.

Whether it's good or bad...

I'm on the verge of something I don't know. I'm quite busy but still there's a lot of thinking going through my head (which I don't expect, cause the hell yeah, I'm busy) and as per that, I know that it isn't good; that I shouldn't feel like this.

I'm trying to hook up with the goodness of life, though I know it's good already; but I just couldn't stop thinking what could actually happen if it will turn out something I have really wanted ever since. I don't have a hold with the world, it's rotating phase and all other stuff that makes it go round and round everytime, but still I want to know the answer to each whys, hows, whats and wheres or perhaps the sh*ts of what ifs, buts and the greatness of each 'oh, come on!'

I always thought I could handle each trials and challenges (Haha! I still could). Maybe I'm just overthinking, and I know that overthinking is indeed a biotch. It creates a problem that isn't there at the…


The busy girl is tryin' to comprehend now. Awesome!

Well, everything is actually not in place right now but I swear to you that I'm working things out. I'm running late for every detail and to tell you honestly, I totally hate it, but I find it challenging at the same time.

Days are goin' by so fast. Fast-paced life is really fast-paced. To give you a little background of how I'm feeling as of this moment. Here it is.

Not really on the 'love'/'like' thing. Ya know, it's different. Let's just say we all want to relax, sleep naked and face the brand new tomorrow with awesome smiles and sparkling eyes.

Let's hang on and wait for payday.

If I'll tell the world, I'll never say enough 'Cause it was not said to you And that's exactly what I need to do  If I'd end up with you

Chasing Pavements by Adele Video from YouTube

Fruity thumbs up!

I was browsing for new video games that can overtake to my specific highness for Mass Effect 3, NBA2K12, Modern Warfare 3 among others that are actually in the list of superbity of my gaming life. And in the absence of the mentioned games, here it is... Fruit shop! I got this from a gaming website, y3 under the category of cooking. Hahaha! You just have to pop or click three or more same fruits on the same line. I kill time before it kills me.
Honestly, I'm sleepy but I don't want to sleep yet so here's the result. Tomorrow it'll be working time again; I want to catch up with sleep because I know I'm really missing out. T.T


How I miss this place? Words can't describe.
I'm still having a college life hangover, though right now I'm embracing every single thing that the corporate world could offer; not to mention that I feel so pressured right now about my work - I'm the only one who actually feel this way, I don't know what's happening to me but I know that I must stay positive all throughout, because yeah... It's the real world.

View from Pavilion in front of Science Building

Perfect for summer! You can have a glimpse of this beautiful flowers from FEU Plaza or best known as the Freedom Park, it's near the chapel and the entrance of FEU East Asia Building (Building 2 inside, not the main entrance)

FEU Bilog, where you can sit, sleep, talk, be quiet and reminisce every single thing about your life. It can also be a stress-absorber spot if you're having drastic challenges about paper works.

On the contrary

One giggly afternoon.

Well, it wasn't really giggly at all. My family is currently facing a great obstacle that I'd like to believe wouldn't go further than its state now.

I'm diverting emotions and I don't let it overrule me, 'cause I don't want to feel bad about anything, by the reason I know I'm not good at feeling bad and I'm not really the sitting-in-a-corner-in-a-silent-mode-and-will-cry-the-whole-day kind of girl. I usually laugh and make fun of anything under the sun, even sometimes it could be lame, pale or whatever.

In reality, the situation sucks more than anything else that has ever sucked before.

Hello world, I'm showing you now the lame face of the girl who is NOT the-sitting-in-a-corner-in-a-silent-mode-and-will-cry-the-whole-day kind of girl.

Hey hey, Saturday!

While I still can't remember every single thing that happened the other night, I spent my Saturday with my friend, Rara. The last time we met? Graduation day, and we didn't bond much because we're kinda seated far away from each other. Alphabetically arranged it was then.

She started working right after graduation and I'm bracing myself for work because this coming May 2nd, my real life will begin... and it's not even a trial at all, just like what I was doing weeks ago (that's the reason why I was really busy.) Gahd, we can't define how the 'real world' is ruining our social lives. Hahaha! We bound to plan every travel thing we want to pursue, that gives us jitters in a wonderful way; we're really too excited to travel and explore each places we want to be into. Nice!

Just like the old times!!
Here's to the goodness of the 'real world'! :)

We grabbed some froyo - we're really froyo bums. Best stories could be told with the prese…

So, what happened?

I hate waking up THIS early.

The thing is, I can't even remember every single thing that happened last night. Perhaps, I was half asleep all the way or the other way around, which I think the universe already dug it.

My phone's sent items and BBM chats could prove that I've done something not really considerable work of a normal thinking individual. Sorry friends for the random BBMs or texts. Haha! Let's make fun of it instead, can we? :)

And I know I BBM-ed someone, a great someone with a crazy message saying I'm actually.. Secret. It's a word consisting of 5 letters and seems to be the hardest word. Booo! Not the one you're thinking, you perv! Haha!

I'm thinking now that I'm on the right track again, I guess.
Whew! Take me back to last night. T.T

Dramatic ice cream consumption example

I know you all know this but I want to stress this out. Again. Ang init!

The presence of ice cream and a cold water can decrease the heat that I'm feeling right now. I hope you guys can feel the same way too.


Ice cream can cure any sickness/illness I have; from coughs and colds to a broken heart. I'll be fine if someone will give me ice cream, especially at times when I'm feeling so down and out. I'm like a kiddo that you can bribe to stop all the crying and all the drama. I'm not sure or I really don't know, but ice cream has the power to make everything work for me.

I remember the time I got my heart broken (naks!pa-heart broken heart broken pa eh! Haha! Sorry guys but this could be the best example.) My then boyfriend and I split up because of lame issues that can't be resolved. It then hurt my ego, his ego and our egos to continue the relationship because the reciprocating thing was no longer present that perhaps decay would be the next for both o…

Happy Birthday, Rockin' 20!

Two decades living in this world, learned a lot of things already and still willing to learn more, fell down, stood up, fought and still fighting. It's a happy birthday!

I don't usually get goosebumps or awesomazing excitement during my birthday, but when I do the feeling won't leave me, and I do swear that my birthday today is really awesome. Though there are a lot of things that came up that made me think deeply and engaged into quick decisions (serious decision making, not the ones that I'm taking on to harder thinking while in the shower - 'cause I'm making life decisions inside the shower), I can say that it's still a lotta fun. I went to Puerto Galera yesterday to celebrate summer fun with my friends, since we graduated and my birthday is hitting on, but I got back in Manila a day after (which is today) 'cause I had too.. Yah know, family ;)

I'm really really happy to celebrate my birthday with the presence of the fast internet connection, in …

Home Bound

This is what I like about my home. Trees, fresh air, and birds; good thing my grandparents maintained the goodness of our garden and until now it can still mesmerize us. Whatta lovely scene of my everyday life.
Oh well, bragging that I'm planning to move out, by reasons that I have to be alone again for quite some time, to grow and to be near to each places that I needed to be into. Such a maturity I have in here. Haha! Only if I will have so much funds to make myself live, you know what I mean.

7 days to go

We only have a week to go before graduation. Sad. I know some of you are already done with the graduation rights/graduation proper and I must say congratulations, and I welcome you to the reality of life, the real world, and the fun that I'm sure will occur sooner or later. As I was grasping for some 'sink-in' air aura about graduation, I was able to realize good and bad things about my life during college: that life is what you make it, honesty is the best policy and that honesty can also lead you to some tragic acts of life that can cause severe headache, heartbreak and shattered dreams. If you know what I mean.
I have experienced that before, organization and academically speaking... and until now I'm not yet ready to burst it out, by cause and by chance that I want to forget all about that and it's enough that I've learned my lessons. It was one of the greatest downfalls of my student life. I thanked everyone for the second chance. 
And no, I didn't get…

Sprained ankle

Guess who just got her ankle sprained. What up!

I was jogging earlier today, a little workout to be somewhat fit and healthy and to kill time, of course. After jog, I played basketball, which I know you're going to say 'ows?'  inside you... but yeah, I do play basketball, though I'm not really good as you think I am.

Thanks to my friends who tweeted, texted and BBM-ed me for suggestions about curing this sprained ankle. I hope I could get back to my real track tomorrow morning, if not, it'll be a reason for me to sleep the whole day and watch awesome videos on YouTube.

Hope you guys are doing well. Take good care of your ankles!

Oh yum!

Go grab some delicious Pan de Manila's Leche Flan Tart! ;)