Rainy Friday

There's always a good and a bad in almost everything. Just like for this day that I have gone into the maximum level of my devastated emotions that while walking on the road earlier with the rain falling, my tears fell and were not suitable for everyone to see, a tearjerker situation that made me twist my ankle literally and figuratively.
I don't know if that 'emotions are fleeting' is true (for now) because mine is nailing me down that it matches the blur of my life right now. It feels cold and somewhat heavenly but I'm dealing on the contrary, maybe because I'm not happy of what I'm doing, and I cannot choose the other path I'm seeing for some reason that the world shouldn't know yet.
The rain is pouring non-stop, it makes me remember emo things and I know it isn't good, this is not me. Well, that's the bad part of today.. the good side is: I got the chance to spend time with my grandpa today, talking about politics and how I should act on the particulars of a situation and the whole of life. I'm feelin' so good right now, I hope I have all the time to spend with him. One more good thing: Globe sent me a message saying I have 20 minutes of free calls to Globe/TM subscribers to consume within the next 24 hours. I have not getting rewards in any form recently, so this made me happy. ;)

Oh, you rainy Friday.


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