I am sitting down, wibbly you can say
I want to eat pizza like this day is a holiday
I am bored to death but conceptualizing areas of emptiness
I am lame I know yet I could be on the the top of my awesomeness

Pen isn't fine and thoughts are scattered
Just like my life now I know it's shattered
Messages and calls are in a mute level
Wondering whom to tell about my life that's swivel

Devastated and dull thinking of skull
The boredom is awesome make me feel foul
Programs are slow, contrary to Need for Speed
Evaluating my thoughts like planting seeds

All alone in the corner pensively looking at the chair
Absorbing life and thinking if it's fair
Demeanor won't let me down if I will care
This love I feel, perhaps, I'm willing to share

Famishing for acceptance
Longing for guidance
This path I'm taking could be lack of substance
Though I'm down, I know I'm strong.. Although I'm bored I still know to get along.


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