The life of the..ugh. whatever

(Thursday, November 17, 2011)

It was a lazy day and I really wanted to sleep, so what happened to "I don't care if I have work tomorrow, I don't want to sleep yet.. Online games for this Wednesday night and I can't stop thinking about Skyim" tweet? So my eyes and my mind were paying for the stubbornness of last night... but one thing remained constant.. I still can't stop thinking about Skyrim, I badly want it.

This OJT thing is quite fun, just balanced or maybe there's really something wrong with my inner self (I guess, I need to have fun). Waking up early each day (which is fine because I'm now a morning person convert), heading to QC every morning, walking a really long way, eating lunch alone and thinking about my dreams and how screwed I am each day. I should be good at work for me to learn more and apparently get a good grade. Perhaps, the reason why I feel this way is because.. I miss school. I super miss school. I miss my friends, my classmates, my professors, the school canteen, the chapel, the park.. I miss the whole university!

If I'm still coming to school everyday with my classmates, I know my rants about wanting Skyrim would be given so much attention and justice. I would have my wonderful friends (guy friends - I belong to an all boys barkada) beside me sharing stories, comments and opinions about Xbox360, PS3, NBA, other video games and porn (joke! haha!)

And wait, no, you're not getting it right. I'm not a dude. Really, I'm a lady who still believes in destiny or to make things cheesier and corny-er.. in line with the destiny thing, I also believe that there's 'forever' existing (Woot! Changes! Before, I don't stick with things like 'destiny', 'forever' and the like.. well, the earth is really rotating.)

Back to the 'miss' stuff.

I miss the library, the academic organization office, the administrators and all other individuals who made me miss school so much.

This young adult life is falling down and I want to cry. If only I can be what I want to be in just a snap of my fingers... Taaaadaaa! I'm now more than the Super Awesome label. But that's not the case. Oh, life.

Anyway, if we want a rainbow we must go first through the rain. (I could say that this isn't just rain pouring on me.. Storm with thunders hihi)

Anddddd. Skyrim, waddup.


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