Duh, I'm bored.

Clinging to the bum life with nothing to do is not fun anymore. I think I'm bored and I can't wait for a new activity to fill in my life. This somewhat independent life is hard, not all the time you have your friends with you to talk about anything you really want to talk about, plus these nerd ideas or thoughts of mine aren't tolerable after all. And now, I'm on the emo side, I guess no one understands me. Hahaha! This is horrible.

I am not used to create tight bonds with the couch, home floor and the kitchen feeling all day. I want to be busy again. I've said this before: Being stressed is better than being bored, and I know right now, indeed it's true. Well, perhaps I need a good friend that can resist and tolerate all my absurd demeanor and can relate to all the nerd things that I'm currently processing in my mind. I am sure about my innervation, I want this to be clear: I am not sad, I am just bored, and that two shows a lot of difference from each other.

I want to sneak out of this boring life, and I want a new activity. By saying this, I am going to email a certain office and I will carry my ass out to be a volunteer teacher for the kids, this is going to be fun. Since I want to be a teacher, I should be a good example to the kids and I shouldn't make my rants so ridiculous, and complaining about anything under the sun isn't ideal.. in line with this, I should not use the word 'ass', futile words and the like.

November, let's talk.


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