Tower B!

KFC Tower Burger

My grandmother went out to buy some groceries and snacks for my upcoming Rizal Course tour (Yes, I am a 4th year college student who will have a tour this coming Sunday to know more about Dr. Jose P. Rizal, and she bought me a KFC Tower Burger for lunch. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to eat this jumbo burger. I kid you not. Funny it was, I even tried to put a whole portion of the Tower Burger into my mouth. As I go on, I finally found the best way. I used the technique "The Squeeze". Hahaha! Hella good.

My grandma told me to slice it so that I could eat it without any mess. I didn't agree for the eating momentum was there, greatest feeling ever.

So, for everyone who will eat a KFC Tower Burger, use the 'squeeze' technique and I guarantee you... You will enjoy (a little bit messy, though) :-)


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