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Tower B!

KFC Tower Burger

My grandmother went out to buy some groceries and snacks for my upcoming Rizal Course tour (Yes, I am a 4th year college student who will have a tour this coming Sunday to know more about Dr. Jose P. Rizal, and she bought me a KFC Tower Burger for lunch. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to eat this jumbo burger. I kid you not. Funny it was, I even tried to put a whole portion of the Tower Burger into my mouth. As I go on, I finally found the best way. I used the technique "The Squeeze". Hahaha! Hella good.

My grandma told me to slice it so that I could eat it without any mess. I didn't agree for the eating momentum was there, greatest feeling ever.

So, for everyone who will eat a KFC Tower Burger, use the 'squeeze' technique and I guarantee you... You will enjoy (a little bit messy, though) :-)

The Schupid and The Solo

Sometimes you need to be.. what is it? Solo. You are always on stressful scenarios, feeding your thoughts with positive vibes, trying to think of ideas that could change your way of living, perhaps forever. This is, because you need to smash a business student life really hard, coz if not.. wait and see, it will hit you tremendously.

Good popping ideas for paper works, artworks and other hobbies (a must) are stupendous. 3 to 5 hours of sleep is fun, though. The bonus part, you will get the chance to hear the message clearly... from your professor... saying.. 'schupid', awesome! We all have our own way of saying things, uttering words and the like.

Yes, this post, ahmm, somehow or that's it.. schupid.


September, the deadline month for me is doing good so far. 2 crucial weeks, I guess I'm winning. I don't want to be complacent about what's happening but I am really glad that September is smashing me with good things. On the other hand, I know there's more to come and this is only the start of the greatest endeavors of the life.

A day seems to be a way longer than the usual when you don't sleep and do nothing but to think and to reflect. My emotions weren't stable, my mood wasn't good and my outlook didn't have the earmarks of being so strong and fearless. I was so down, I didn't know what to do. All I wanted was an end to this, sleep more and put some happiness in me. I was looking for a place to reflect, for all I want is silence. I wanted to stay away from the noisy life and sleazy environment. Everything seems to be hybrid or high maintenance, and I don't know how to react.

I went to the chapel, yes, the perfect place. I got the chance to c…

Whatta Phase

Paper works, marketing terms, deadlines and expenses; my superb life for almost 4 years already. As I continue to grow and explore, the activities are getting challenging. I could feel my eyes are on the process of giving up and shutting down. My brain is now enervated. Thoughts are famishing. I'm trying to recover, trying to feel good about everything and convincing myself that I should not be paranoid about the activities on going.

I'm not complaining about the series of action-packed, slight boring and dull, not a movie-like life of mine as a student and as a human.. who aims to make a difference, be a superhero with majestic super powers to save the country from poverty, graft and corruption and many other forms of evilness of... whoever they are in the government. I was just stating the real life of a human being who is now brain drained, depressed and stressed.
Those who will find this post a little lame or grammatically incorrect, I'm quite sorry.

There's no way…

Both Ways

The fun of life could begin in exploring things alone and be adventurous about everything. The hanging question is.. Would you really do it alone?

Most of us think that life is funnier and happier when you have someone to share good times with.. relating to friends, family and many other relationships available. Yes, it's true. Speaking for the contrary, most time there's  limitations, restrictions, and talking about being ethical, you need to consider others too; that when you're alone you can't seem to find the rules and you just go with the flow.

Stereotype. Usual. Always. Why not change directions for some time? We need time to be alone, to think about life, to think about future and to at least reflect.

I do have a lot of good friends. Some of them are miles away from me and still make an effort to check if I'm okay (one of the reasons why I love internet so much). With that, I'm lucky. Soon, I'll be leaving everyone, hoping that I could put a big smi…