I'm taking a bit break from writing, ooppsss, not really though as I'm still writing in here now. Maybe I just want to let me feelings out even a little bit.

As I've told you, our family has gone through (and still going through) a tough time because of my dear uncle's demise. It was so unexpected. In line with that incident, I felt like I'm running against time and I need to do everything all out once. It's kind of tiring but I get the fulfillment whenever I serve my family good, whenever I see them happy when they see me, whenever I feel needed.

I'm independent. I know how to be perfectly alone without needing anybody. And so I thought. I think, nobody should do it alone because it is sad and lonely; and by that, I don't mean you need romantic relationships to feel otherwise, I think what we need are good friends and of course, our family.

Sometimes, I can't help but to regret every single time I haven't gotten to spend with my family. Work, more work, or other trippings were the culprit. I felt like I'm losing track of what they are. But what's good about family is that even though you have gone for too long they are still the same when you come back and visit them. Nothing has ever changed. They say, we don't need much money in this lifetime but we need our family to stick with us and for us to stick with them. I know families are different and no family has ever made to a perfect scale. Some don't get along; others are much closer; some are problematic; others are happy and simple, etc. Mine too isn't perfect.

I didn't grow up wealthy or any sort but I'm happy I get to know what and how life is at an early stage. I'm mababaw. I don't need much of the material things in this world. Just them making me feel I'm needed and feeling that they are happy to see me whether I do things or not, I'm far off okay.

I don't know how long more we are about to spend our time in the world, but I'm happy to oblige to spend my remaining times with them - the people who need me more, the people who appreciate me for who I am, the people who are happy to see me just me. I don't even need to push myself for them to love me because they are what you called family.

We welcome people in our lives like they have been part of us for a long time already. That's one of the values that my family has. We're not perfect but we are welcoming, loving, and thoughtful.

If I'm going to die today, I'm happy to know that my family loves me and by that love, it came with understanding, care, and thoughts for me to better at my craft.


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