Boracay for the Tita-ish

The right time to update places I've been to is NOW. Hahaha! I've been slacking to post updates and reviews about provinces, sceneries, food, and other places I visited to this blog. I've been busy with my writing gigs, corporate jobs, and family life. But, it's never too late.

Though this post won't make it for the summer cut, because it's now June and just a day left and it will finally be July, at least we can still book flights to Boracay without grilling ourselves too much.

I visited Boracay for work. We had a photoshoot there when I was still connected with a hotel and it was during the Laboracay season. How pitiful coming to Boracay for work! Hahaha! But we did enjoy LaBoracay, of course!

Since I'm a TITA, I was sleepy the whole night. Hahaha! I finally came to the acceptance that gone are the days when I can party all night and stay awake until 7 or 8 in the morning. For those of you who sort of 'feel' me in this case, you can still enjoy Boracay without the night partying.

Check Out The Place

(c) Shainne Hostalero
A paradise indeed. I stayed in Boracay for nearly 2 weeks because of work commitments. During weekdays, I don't see Boracay during the afternoon because I'm working, attending meetings, and preparing for a photoshoot (what I truly came for).

I usually explore at night, trying out different food outlets and restaurants in Station 1, 2, and 3. I'm not a drinker so I didn't enjoy drinking in bars. Drinking, eating, and smoking by the beach is now strictly prohibited because of cleanliness issues.

I had only 1 rest day for the entire week which was a Sunday. I grabbed the chance to explore Station 1 and 2 under the scorching hot sun. I left the hotel at 9 in the morning after breakfast, brought my shades, and sling bag, then on with the day.

Want to go shopping? Many of you know that they offer tourist price. Meaning, it's kind of expensive if you are from Manila and know how much a thing cost (especially if you love Divisoria and Quiapo so much). Just purchase unique Boracay souvenirs to get you be reminded of the place. My personal pick are ref magnets. I also purchased a hot and new pair of shades because turista levels. Hahaha!

Try out different activities. I didn't try much of Boracay activities because I was exploring alone and I want it to be serene and steady. I watched a lot of activities and how they were done, to compensate.

(c) Shainne Hostalero

I went to a lot of eating in Boracay. From day 1 to my last day! I think, I gained 3 to 5 kilos during my whole stay.

Lunch time came and my colleagues texted me where I was. I told them I was just walking along Boracay and they called me up to eat at Real Coffee and Tea Café.

Originally, we want to taste the famous calamansi muffin but unfortunately, they were sold out. It was LaBoracay season anyway, so we just got sandwiches (which are good too, by the way) and some fruit shakes to ease the Boracay heat.

At the table are cute tissue holders with different sayings. Haha! I didn't go boy-hunting in Boracay, though. But Momma Lee has a point there. Very huge point.

Join Events

This was taken during the Havainas' activation at the Labor Day weekend.

They were giving out huge discounts for any Havaianas slippers on display.

To further enjoy your Boracay experience, try to join different events being held at any part of the beach or any resort. You can even meet a lot of new friends you can talk to (especially when you are exploring alone).

I met up with Manila friends in Boracay. We tried Jonah's Fruitshakes, Barbecues, Kolai Mangyan, and seafood eating. All the eat-all-you-can dinner! Hahaha!

Remembering I'm a tita, I decided to go back to the hotel at 7pm and call it a day. But after I parted ways with my friends, I made sure to catch on the Boracay sunset.

(c) Shainne Hostalero

Surely, there's no filter needed.

Who says you can't enjoy if you can't party? You can just food trip, try different activities, explore the place, and take majestic photos. There's more to Boracay than what I have mentioned. And since I haven't tried all of them, I will go back for sure.


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