10th week

I'm on my 10th week this week and I'm starting to feel big. (or I believe I should just flush out some poo poo from the inside). Everything seems to be stressful and I can't wait to wash away some of it.
As I course through this pregnancy and happy to know that I'm finally ending the first trimester soon, I'm also glad to have consulted with my OB about my progress and she told me I was very good. Hahaha! She also told me that I don't need a follow-up ultrasound because I was happy to report that at 7 weeks, baby's heartbeat is at 143 BPM.

Though there are a lot of problems arising, I'm still happy that there are still good things in the corner for me. My mom and I are in pretty good condition and I can quite feel that she's excited for me, she even offered to buy the baby some new stuff. Quite a big one from mom. Knowing it made me feel loved even more. The support and the excitement of my family, especially from both my mom and dad is really a big deal.

I'm quite excited to see all the changes from this week forward. Hehe! And maybe starting to get more excited in knowing what my baby would be like or to actually give birth.

We're excited for you little sweetie! <3 p="">


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