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As we go through these difficult times due to a demise of one of our dearest family members, I want to take this opportunity to show my gratitude to all of you who wished as well and extended their deepest and sincerest sympathy for our family's lost. You are all have been dear to us especially during this time that we are experiencing extreme sadness and grief for this unforeseeable event.

I'd also like to share to you things I've learned during the short stint of realizing how truthful and wonderful our Kuya Denz's life has been. He let us realized that no matter where you are or who you are in this life, it is always FAMILY FIRST. He served and supported our family all throughout his life until the very end. We know that even now we've lost him physically, he won't be truly be gone from our hearts for all eternity; and, as much as we are in pained for the end of his life here on earth, we are glad that he is in a much safer and happier place now enjoying hi…

To 2nd Tri and beyond!

2 days left and I'm saying goodbye to my first trimester. The first tri was full of worries and I think up until the end I won't stop worrying or I may be worrying even more. Haha! But I'm happy to report that I didn't experience much of the morning sickness, dizziness, headache and such. It was hard to distinguish whether I'm pregnant or just my normal self sleeping a lot. I'm a sleeper so it was just ~normal~. 
We had a check-up last week and we heard the heart beat again via doppler scan. It was amazing. I was freaking out first because the nurse and the my OB couldn't locate the baby at first try. It turned out he/she was just shy. At 12 weeks, I'm kind of showing but been getting compliments that I just look full/busog. I wish I could say the same on the next weeks and months to come. I'm feeling energetic and started gaining weight like I'm supposed to. I've gained a few pounds but I need to hit another 20 or more pounds as per my OB. 

Dollars and Sex

Reading through the contents of the book Dollars and Sex: How Economics Influences Sex and Love by Dr. Marina Adshade brings me a realistic point of view on how the majority are perceiving relationships these days.

As a marketing professional who have been exposed to economics and had the chance to teach it too, I agree with the points of the book, objectively. But on the touch points, there are subjective fields to consider as well and thus, I know it varies from one person to another.

Herein below are the points of the author and my views as we go along:
In many societies, liberal views on female sexuality have led to more freedom. Philippines, I think, is starting to be one of those societies. Our values are conservative and female are expected to be homemakers. But as we rise and go around industrialization and adopting how other society does it, we become more open and accepting on how female can be like. There's equality for each and everyone. Morale is still very much value…

The Happy Mama Day!

I want to thank everyone who took out some moments of their precious time to greet me on Mother's Day. Thank you!! This is my first time to celebrate Mother's Day as a mother, so it means a lot to me. Parang first birthday ko! Hahaha! And of course, it wouldn't be complete without my mama and mommy along, as well as my titas and cousins who share the good role of being a mother with all of us. Thank you so much Ross and Ryu for taking me out and for your surprise. It feels Valentine's Day.

Thank you to my tito and titas for the Mother's Day salubong with mama and with the new van. Haha!

Happy Mama! :)

To all mothers who have been told 'you are not/not yet a mom'

Dear Woman,
I know. Each word from that heavy phrase stings right through your veins and questions every little thing you put up with to fulfill your role as a mother, as a parent, and/or as a guardian. You are a mother who chooses your family every minute of the day and yet you have been told that you are not the person who you are right now, a mother.

Retracing your life to fulfill the hardest full-time job you can ever encounter in this life. There's no vacation leave, sick leave, paid leave or even holidays. You are on it until your shift lasts and there's no retirement with pension guaranteed. You are a mom.
You are strong by far making choice everyday for your family, instilling good manners and right conduct to your children even if you have to play being the tough parent. You get less of love because you are sometimes stiff because you want them to learn, you want them to practice what they have learned and to instill realizations for them to grow. That is your sacrif…

The Magic with Organic

I don't remember having a perfect skin. My skin is definitely not perfect though fair but not good.
I was athletic and layas. I used to go to different places by air, land and sea and I go around UP, Manila Museums, QC Memorial Circle, and other parks in the Metro just by walking. I don't even like staying in cold places, I prefer natural breeze (that's how I grew up), I'm ginawin by nature and I'm a summer baby. So that can explain why and also due to some hormonal thing. Nonetheless, there are days I feel and/or look pretty. Kahit minsan. Hahaha!

During my first few weeks of being pregnant, I was okay. My skin is fine and believe it or not, I'm glowing. Naks! But when I enter my 9th week into this pregnancy, my skin started to become dry. How frustrating! I had my first pre-natal check-up at 4 weeks because I'm early to know that I'm pregnant because I was always on the look out. Hahaha! So during that check-up there were a lot of things I should not …

10th week

I'm on my 10th week this week and I'm starting to feel big. (or I believe I should just flush out some poo poo from the inside). Everything seems to be stressful and I can't wait to wash away some of it.
As I course through this pregnancy and happy to know that I'm finally ending the first trimester soon, I'm also glad to have consulted with my OB about my progress and she told me I was very good. Hahaha! She also told me that I don't need a follow-up ultrasound because I was happy to report that at 7 weeks, baby's heartbeat is at 143 BPM.

Though there are a lot of problems arising, I'm still happy that there are still good things in the corner for me. My mom and I are in pretty good condition and I can quite feel that she's excited for me, she even offered to buy the baby some new stuff. Quite a big one from mom. Knowing it made me feel loved even more. The support and the excitement of my family, especially from both my mom and dad is really a big…