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No, this isn't cheesy.

Valentine's Day is not for everyone.
It is true.

As the day gets closer and closer, we often think about what's going to happen (if you are taken and in a happy relationship) or how you will skip it and fast-forward to the next (if you are single or in certain situation, whatever that is). Valentine's day is not only for those who are happily in-love or for group dates with your group of friends to celebrate life as single individuals; the day is also a test on how much stronger you are by means of what you can endure if you feel otherwise  (hahaha!!) or if you are going through something more important than flowers and chocolates. It is also a test to your patience on how much longer could you still wait for that marriage proposal you've been longing for, flowers and/or chocolates that were promised to you (or you expect - ayan kasi); or a test on how you will keep your composure as a mother by which Valentine's day have long gone from you and your partner's s…

Starting Over and Over and Over Again

I have been in this phase for the longest time. It's not new to me and probably, it will not be a question for me how I will do it. Yet, after all, I felt like I'm being renewed in life. And yes, no one's counting how many takes you've done and surpassed to make a beautiful film; that well in fact, your bloopers are what makes it more fun and exciting. My journey in life was never easy and it will never be, I know that for sure. But there is something definite about it: I will get tougher, stronger and wiser. That goes without saying (even though I cry myself hard sitting on the toilet and making  life's decisions in the shower.)

My career had taken the flight out; high up the ground. I achieved more than what I even expect from myself. I was a manager at 23, a department head at 24; indeed an achiever at a young age than the ideal manager/department head time. While some are just finishing their undergraduate studies, me on the other hand is already spearheading m…