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The Happiness Track

By Emma Seppala, PhD

Most people, when asked what do they want in life would answer: success, love, money, and happiness. Not all successes in life can coincide to happiness; yet, doing everything th
at makes us happy - no matter how small - can bring success.

In the book The Happiness Track by Emma Seppala, PhD, she discussed great things that will help us go around our happiness and success - absorbing the moment, reducing our stress, and teaching us how to live a life (or getting a 'life' in case we don't have one).

We focus too much on the future, but we can train ourselves to remain in the present moment.Focusing on the future reduces your attention in the present moment, making you more likely to miss significant things that are happening now.  Have you ever tied yourself to work thinking about all the things you planned and the person you want to be five years from now? I have. I was quite a workaholic - having a stable job right there and having other part time jobs…

2017 on Facebook

January 2017 is almost over. How time flies, right? We've been waiting for Christmas to arrive then the New Year and eventually here we are taking it all in. Like we have a choice.

I don't have a resolution this year, or I said I have? I'm just planning to be more organized (I'm organized with my time and tasks by keeping a journal), I'm working on it - like clutter-free human. In terms of being organized, I guess it should start with my life in general and everything else will follow. 
I started last week... I started from the easiest ones - social media accounts. On Facebook, I unfriended all those people whom I don't know personally; just have 1 or 2 common friends, some have mutual friends with me yet I haven't met or talk to personally. I'm not against of having a huge network, I'm a marketer and I need it and it is my job but on the other hand, I want all the things I post or react to on social media be shared to people who are close to me, I …