Comes with a clean home

Wow. I'm back here! It feels like home huh?! I haven't been lazy though, just busy and sleepy at most times.

August has been great and it couldn't get any better. I guess, I've worked hard enough to deserve some happiness. Trading my soul worked out just fine. I kid. Hehe.

The past weeks have taught me to finally accept that I'm an adult and there's nothing else I can do or say that will turn the reality upside down. I can't deny it anymore, ok fine. It feels good though because there are a lot of things I've learned along the way; by which I learned the hard way if I may just say.

Since I'm not hesitant with this whole adulting anymore, it came with a good prize. Remember when I told universe that I have given up on love and I don't want to haggle anymore? Yeah right! The universe made me swallow that whole and I couldn't be any happier. I guess, you just have to keep a little faith on fate and definitely on yourself.

Nothing really special about this post really. I'm just at home feeling great. I was able to squeeze in some time to clean my house (ok, I have the time but have gotten to lazy, can't you forgive me?!) it smells good, it's squeaky clean and it's organized! Wow! Adult vibes I know I know.

I'll tell more stories once I get a hold of all my thoughts. They're overflowing! And yes, they shouldn't be left unsaid. Happy weekend!


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