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How are you different?

"The people who let me down will never ever be the same people who will lift me back up. So tell me, how are you going to lift me high up there? How are you different? In the first place, you did the exact same thing just like what everyone did - leave."

You're the choice I don't want to make. Not anymore.

Gray areas. That's what we had.

All of a sudden, I've become hopeful in life. I was grateful to the universe that you came along, but disappointed that you came only to shatter me back to pieces I believed I was done acing. 
In the last three years, I'm not in any way thinking about relationships anymore and I never did commit again. Then you came and vouched for me to open up my heart once again. I was hesitant but then I gave in believing that somehow I deserve this. I was happy that finally somebody took the courage and bravery to take on the lead and get me out of my old life setup - not that I'm not happy, but at least somebody was willing to make me happier, or so I thought. Somebody made me realize that, in a way, I needed somebody. All of those, I thought, were for the better. They were. In all fairness. But something was strange. I didn't ask nor I annoy for something I knew the answers to - what are we; who are we; and, what are we for each other. We don&…