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On Challenging Your Assumptions With the Right Principles and Integrity

Since that I have started a new semester for my Master's degree, I went back to various lessons from certifications I took up before I finally decided to get on board for (even) higher education. Quite surprisingly, I found past assignment, notes, and even exams, helpful - as it gives me more idea and insights as to make a good argument and ask the right questions.

Last year, I took up a certification on Media Literacy in believing that in this era, we all need to be media literate. Media is already acting like oxygen in our daily lives hence it is very important to put it on the priority list of something we need to understand or learn more.

I found my Media Literacy Week 6 Blog Post activity yet again and I think it is worth sharing here.

------- To my colleagues, friends, student assistants and to the student publication, I am very pleased to be with you all in every step of the way as we, individuals in the educational institution, stand up for our advocacy in education. To co…

Oceans' Health

Carbon emissions can make the oceans and other bodies of water more acidic and causes calcification or prohibits a shell or the skeleton to form. Thus, the end of these marine organisms might be soon.
Due to our garbage, most specifically plastics that we throw away anywhere and gets through various bodies of water, can cause damage to our marine organisms and impedes the way they form, grow, and serve the oceans.
Through all efforts about eliminating and/or lessening the use of plastics, hopefully oceans and its marine life form can be saved. But with reckless and imprudent use of these materials, no matter how we eliminate and lessen its use, it can still create harm. With all the wastes we throw in the oceans or its other forms, it can drawback to us through the food we eat.
Fishes that we consume can eat our waste, thus fallback to us as a consummate of our health and the drawbacks will go on, and its cycle will just continue. It aggravates me, in all ways, which these kind of …