Yes Yes Saturday (and Yes Yes by The Colourist)

Woke up so early on a Saturday. Finally, a long long vacation. I'm thinking if I can binge out my way out of Metro Manila this coming week. But since some of the roads I'm looking at routing to will be closed, I'm thinking of an alternative. Perhaps, iflix. Yes?

Vacation is not coming through just yet; I still have a talk later this afternoon in one of the schools in Quezon City. So hype! Hopefully, it can turn out something really nice.

My current morning is filled with total music blast before I get to work on a Saturday. From Stone Temple Pilots to Nirvana to Florence + The Machine and to some indie music - and eventually came across this poppy Yes Yes song by The Colourist. A total break from the past weeks that we are rushing and chasing time for deadlines and before the next big days to come in lieu of some strategic planning for the next year.

If you were to ask me how's life treating me, I say the usual. It is crazy. A fun crazy.

I don't even know if I'm doing everything right, but I'd like to think that way. If it's wrong, then it's another lesson to keep in my jar of wisdom. And if you want to ask me another on what do I want to happen next, I say I don't know but to just have fun.

November is almost in its half; it is almost over. My thoughts are running quick just like our days, and finally we can fully get a grip of all the positive and wonderful things of our lives! Woohoo!


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