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Montalban Waterpark and Garden Resort

A 15-20-minute ride from Commonwealth, Quezon City, Montalban Waterpark and Garden Resort is one of the nearest relaxation spots where you can swim and enjoy peace and quiet time (given that it is not peak season).

Entrance fee is P250 and they allow guests to bring their own food and drinks. There's also a convenience store near the entrance that sells everything from charcoal to rice and other things you might need to grill, cook, or eat; and of course, toiletries, most importantly.

Cottage rental amounts to P700-P1000; if you are a group of  20 or more people, there's a pavilion available for rent that can accommodate that much. They also have an area where you can conduct seminars and other events such as debuts, weddings, birthdays, etc. You can also use the videoke for P900 (or if you can haggle, you can only get it for P700) and it is good for use during your entire stay, so you better get your songs ready and lined-up.

Their restrooms and shower rooms are impressively …

10 things the past week has brought into me

It is weekend. I spent it like how I pictured it out on Thursday afternoon, sitting in front of my work computer with a lot of papers on the left side of my desk and a lot more on the right. Goes to show that I'm doing a lot of things, seems to be having fun and thinking a lot of silly things. I'm that enthusiast.

Maybe calling off a weekend night full of beers (when I don't drink anymore) was the answer. Though, I didn't intentionally do that. I called off because I have classes to attend to, and I surely don't want to miss and I can't afford to miss a single lesson. Now, sitting in front of my laptop, putting my 'somewhat' emotions into words and reflecting about the week that has been. Taking on another fun-filled week at work and out-of-town with friends and colleagues, is what currently luring.

Another thing clinging is the fact I recently submitted two articles to be published. To push through, as part of the process, the publication asked me why…