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Pinto Art Museum

Some might find it weird about how we juggle up on our interests. Some would say that there's always so much going on and some (might) find it interesting, too. Nonetheless, we just do what we love, what we are interested and passionate about and even the things we don't even know at hand hence trying out and its conversion.

Interests, passions and talents turn to 'work' and eventually to crafts (well, whichever comes first). And same goes as what Tina Fey once said, "Your work is your craft and your craft is your art." How we care and hone our given skills and talents, as well dig into the deeper process on the things we are interested about (and even with those we are not totally into); then learning goes along with it. 
Speaking of interests and different approach to ideas, medium and overall art... art galleries and/or museums are the best places to see the various aforementioned accessions. 
I've visited different art galleries and museums before; oc…

#HelpOurBabies | Virlanie Foundation


How Busy People Are Finding Time to Care

The trick is to make it a part of your busy-ness.

By night, DJs Sunny Bonner and PJ Paradise of the Las Vegas-based duo WeRWolvz are making clubs come alive with their powerful music. But once in a while, they find themselves in Manila not just to energize the local club scene but also to help children by volunteering their time and talents. The current editor-in-chief of Good Vibes PH, Kai Magsanoc, established her own start-up to spread positive news amidst today's sea of dismal messages. Brian Bantungan, an educator, artist, and nature builder, is in the best position to spread progressive ideas and concepts among his numerous students in St. Paul University, EJ Miranda, Red Bull marketing executive, shared his time and musical abilities to teach children how to play piano. While independent music and visual artist Amiya Velayo, who sings for and about children, expressed the importance of sharing her own time and that for he…

Papa Luis

It seems like I couldn't thank the universe and the skies above enough for having you. I am grateful that I am your granddaughter.

When I was a little kid, I used to make all the silliest things just because of plain curiosity; and that you kept up with all of my kasutilan was unbelievable.

You (and mama) are the ones who believed in me even in times that even I, don't believe myself; times that I wasn't even sure if I can accomplish such.

Man of few words is what you are. I never heard you speak ill about other people, not even once. You are a disciplinarian, a very good one... in a very good way and this is the reason why you earned everyone's respect.

You saved my life in all possible ways it can be saved. You work hard to give me the best and if there will better than 'the best,' I know for sure you will give it to me, too. You never made me feel that I lack so many things or that I'm not talented enough.

You never grew tired of waiting for me whenever …

Frame Your Problem: The Frequencer

Every day, we learn something new; and every day we have the chance to make a difference, inspire other people, assess ourselves and solve our problems in the most creative ways.

Today, let me share to you a very inspiring story about Louis Plante.

Last night, I attended my User Innovation: Entrepreneurship class. It was about "Frame Your Problem." The topic featured Louis Plante. He is an Electrical Engineer and a Musician who has Cystic Fibrosis - a disease that causes thick mucus to build in the lungs and damage the respiratory system.

The only cure for Cystic Fibrosis is through clapping or tapping the chest to create vibrations to the lungs. This type of treatment is kind of painful.

Because Louis Plante wants help to cure his illness, he thought of all possible ways on how he can actually help himself; and he was able to come up with an idea of the Frequencer. 

The Frequencer generates sound waves that can travel through the chest and gently vibrates the lungs. This is …

Manual of the Warrior of Light

I am very thankful that THE Paulo Coelho published his manual of the Warrior of Light on Inkitt.

If you were able to read my last entry in this blog categorized in Good Reads, the last entry was The Alchemist by, again, Paulo Coelho.

What I have was the 25th Anniversary edition of the said book and he gave a glimpse of the Warrior of the Light in the afterword. His idea of communicating to his readers is impeccable. He speaks for the people and what's within them, turn it into words; into characters and everything else becomes exquisite.

We are all Warriors of the Light. We are all capable of understanding the miracle of life, of fighting to the last for something we believe in - and as well, hearing the bells that the waves sets ringing on the seabed. That with all these, we can distinguish between the transient and the enduring.

We know that without inspiration and experience, no amount of training will help us. 

And by the words of the one who is also and an indeed Warrior of …