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For One More Day

The Good Read:             For One More Day by Mitch Albom

In this life, how often would regret things that you have done before? How often would you think stuff that occurred, circumstances that you thought would turn out nice but it didn't, situations that would have gone better if you just made the right decisions? At times, we have thought about these and just like any given times, we have wished to make these right, though it wouldn't be possible; then we wished to make up for it.

Charles Benetto is the same. He had no idea how his life went on. What remained clear was his willingness and eagerness to end his life after all the turmoil in his career, personal life and his family. He couldn't take back things but he was able to go back. Not to change anything but to realize what had happened to his life, the things he missed and how people around him went on while he remained stuck in the moment wanting to be dead.

Like many of us, we have emotions. Some we wouldn'…

Eat, Pray, Love

The Good Read:               Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Yes, you are right! This book is really familiar because it is a hit and it is now a major motion picture (2010). I know all of you guys know that this book was about finding one's happiness, surviving the loneliness and understanding things that came after a certain relationship (or life, in general) turmoil.

I, myself, came from countless of it too; and like many of you, I have experienced loneliness and the deepest of it in all possible ways it can be felt. It was indeed hard and finding happiness is kind of subtle but one thing I have learned was - happiness is a choice and though there are times you want to surrender and give up everything because it is just too heavy, there will always a part of you wanting to survive. Simply because you want to experience that certain happiness again and you want to see the bright side.

There are no permanent things in this world. All good things come to an end, so does bad t…

Fleeting Friday

My friends (and perhaps you too) might think what the hell I am doing here in front of the laptop, listening to some rock/alternative playlist writing these words on a Friday night when in fact, it is 'drink' night and they are just across me having the time of their lives.

I, as well, is having the time of my life. In a different manner, of course. I am inside our apartment luring with these words and emotions I have in me - pretty much happy and pretty much of everything in between... because we are humans, we have hormones and sometimes they are not cooperating.

I am not stuck, I have so much things to be thankful for in my life and things I wish I have right now, but they just come secondary. The long day is over and it feels like it, that is why I am convinced that I have survived this day, the week and every moment that sent me swirling earlier.

The spectrum is vivid and I cannot understand some of the things I am into, the choices that I have made in my life, choices I …

Hello there, 2015!

Hello there, 2015!!

I'm happy to have survived the year 2014 and I'm grateful that I still have those people who I went through a lot with the said year. Though it's a bit strange to think about the twists and turns of how the year went, it was indeed a fun ride and I'm happy to brag that I don't have any regrets about the year that was.

2015 has taken its vision. I'm happy about my independent living as well. I am 20-something in the world full of transitions, digital avenues and dilemmas; I am a bit far from the 'top' but who cares now if I get there or not? I left home for independence and I am glad that I am living it. It did make me love my family more, miss them more and appreciate more what we have way back home. It makes me do things on my own and with the people around me - it's like knowing yourself even better, loving your own and everything in between; everything just went so lovely.

There will be lots of adjustments and flexing to do bu…