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Why we need to be an entity of our own

People often think that their happiness depends on others - it can add to what happiness is really like but always remember that happiness lies within you, you alone. In this life, we work so hard to fit in, we go with the norms, the new trends and to what other people think is right; that even if we don't like it at times, we still do it because we are after everyone's admiration and acceptance.

Finding happiness isn't a chore; it's a commitment, a decision, a mindset and a destination. Time may lead us to a fail measure sometimes but it's a part of it. We can't change any situation because we can't control everything but what we can do is to change our attitude towards it. Things hurt us sometimes, give us the feeling of numbness and scrape our hearts out - it sucks but that's how we learn. Sometimes, the universe gives us challenges or trials that are so hard, we can't even bear; by the time we surpass it, we won't be able to forget the lesso…