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Thanks to my good friend for this.
I say thank you for your kind words! You made me feel so good!
I saw Shainne the first time in a state university - she wasn't a student there, she was just sitting there (according to her). She indeed wore just shirt, pants and sneakers, her hair on a pony tail, a big shoulder bag and that was just it. But she looked so different, she looked like she should be somewhere else - partying or drinking, maybe. Shainne, I thought, belong to the maarte and sosyal ones. After that encounter, she showed me the opposite of what I have thought of her. 
She is very simple and the one thing I wasn't wrong about my impression of her is, she has class. When you look at her, you will know she's smart. Shainne is the kind of woman you want to be with, you will crave to be with and you will be happy to be with. 
She might be quiet at some point but when you get to know her you would know she is animated. She can make fun of anything under the sun and she…


We are embraced by the will of the motherland to free us from anyone who claimed before us. We are nurtured and equipped by our own spirits, full of nationalism and the fervor to fight.
We are colonized, we are in mixed of cultures and religions. We are the country that was mold by the power of its own people to be united as one.

Today, as we celebrate our independence, questions might be bugging us... are we really free? It has been declared, it was written in the history, but are we really free? Or are we our own prisoners?

We are free from other nations but are we free from ourselves? Do we make our own detainees? Mournful to think about but it's true. Observe we must.

The outtakes of the government, the despairing circumstance of graft and corruption, and the various occurrences this Republic underwent that didn't serve its people.

We are declared free and independent yet we suffocate ourselves by our own agendas that wouldn't serve us at all. Predicaments of greed, en…