Write, right?

"When you write articles for a living, you are giving the readers a piece of your head or yeah, perhaps a piece of you, the whole you. And I guess, somehow, it reflects you, define you and open you up to what the universe is like."

As we all know after college we should and must start working - that's the norm. You don't waste time having too much vacation or being a bum because neither you want to waste what you have studied in a college or university for how many years. So, you start looking, you start planning and you start to picture out what you want to become for the next years to come. 

Unusual things will come along the way, and like everything and everyone else, it goes to - you not knowing or you totally aware of what's really going on. You will learn the hard way, that's the promise of our lives but you must not despair my dear, for it will be worth it and you will be stronger, smarter and braver than you think.

I worked for three (3) different companies. Different norms, different people, entirely different from one another. And I learned different things and still learning more. One thing is the same, you will miss every single one you worked with - yes, even the ones who pissed you off and got into your nerves. You will miss them every single day of your life until you adjust to a new sphere that you don't see them always. And when you do, you build this friendship with them that will make you inseparable -the kind that will make you like and comment on their Facebook posts, the kind that will make you favorite, retweet and reply to their tweets no matter how nonsense those are. That kind that you can finally accept who they really are outside the work place.

I got the chance to write about them. About the people I've worked with. How they affect me and how I built something serious (a friendship, ok?) with them. And I think, when we write, we give them a piece of us, a piece they don't know exists. And it definitely reflects us and in a way, it makes us express who and what we really are deep inside. 


  1. Friends are one of the two best things you can ever have at work.. the next one is experience, money only comes third or maybe a bonus.. just my two cents... :)


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