Funny how a writer cannot write on her own blog and update it. I'm guilty. My current work is a combination of marketing and journalism - well, not that kind of journalism you have in mind but a closer to that. I can write many inspirational/motivational and stating-facts articles in a day and can't update my personal blog because, *ehem* I'm dedicated. Yes naman!

I went to Sagada, Mount Province last holy week and that's my next post would be. I was thinking if ever the events and the turn-out of everything would be fresh when I blog about it later than expected; but I thought, yes, of course. Those kind of experience would be fresh always in my head and wouldn't be forgotten except if I'll have an amnesia, which I think I can regain back once my memory is off-the-charts again.

So many travel plans this year! Hoping to push through!!

You know what they say, "Travel not to escape life but not life to escape you."


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