Life, in general

There are so many surprises about life that will leave your jaw dropped. Those things you weren't even expecting to happen and those things you really wished to happen that actually happened more than you expect it to be.

I have few questions about life, why did it treat me like that and how I'm going to survive. Life, in general, doesn't get easier, you just get stronger. It isn't fair but how you view things will make it so much different.

Sometimes we ask for more than we should get and we get less of what we truly deserve. And it's just that. No matter how we feel inferior, no matter how we feel less of a person, it won't change the fact that life is really like that, it will change how we truly view things in life.

I've been around with people. Different classes, different characteristics, different outlook in life but at the end of the day as I was assessing everything, it came to me that we all want a single thing or a single moment in life, the common denominator of all those differences; what it really is, is indescribable. It could be a closed-emotion and it could be a feeling of something/someone dearly. But I'm pretty sure it's not a material thing.

People need to find their own self. People need to indulge in a certain kind of silence, sadness and despair to be happy. But people should not take other people for granted, especially those ones who are there for them throughout, especially through the worse of times. The more you push people away for your own interest, the more you will be confided by the walls you build yourself and you wouldn't be able to find yourself as you were planning to.

Guilty as we are, we don't know how to give. And people who know how to are blessed, because they finally came to the point when they can live not just for the sake of living, but on purpose. They finally know how to give out something, something they could be proud of. Something that even in afterlife, if it does exist, they can tell that was a selfless act to do.

We should understand people not because they are okay, we should understand them (more) because they're in darkness and they need to be understood. It's very rare that people will stay beside you when you're miserable. We are slaves or suckers for happiness that's why whenever we encounter something that won't serve us happiness, we tend to give up, we tend to quit as early as we could. We tend to leave people because we're not happy with them anymore without understanding further why they've done and what are our own responsibilities of making them feel that way hence feeling unhappy with them; for happiness is definitely one thing that will keep us going. It's true. But see, we didn't understand well, we just know that we should be happy, just be happy. There's nothing wrong with that, it's just that, we can't get further lessons and understanding and sadly, we let go of that person or people.

I was sad, I was in despair, I found time for myself, by myself. But I never let go of people, never did I leave anybody; because I know, I'm in this situation where I can't blame anybody even myself. I just needed my time but that doesn't mean that I should eliminate them in my life because I'm living in the purpose of making other people feel safe, sound and secure and that's my contribution to God's given life. A life that He lent me, that when the right time comes that He will take it back, I could return it with no grievances, and He will definitely be happy that I did something good with that life.

Not everyone might be given chances in life but always remember that it's all about choices. We all have choices and we're the one who can make it. Whether right or wrong, we still have a choice. The choice we make today is the result of the things and experiences will have tomorrow.

Life, in general, is surprising. We might not know when it will hit us but then we will be surprised on what it has to offer. We might not be in favor of it, but just savor it, for better things will come along the way. Just don't live for yourself, you wouldn't know how much joy and true happiness it could give you when it comes to you giving out. Don't let something consume you.

Be open. Happiness will be just there, it will be your choice, it's just around but definitely don't give up to those who didn't give up on you, those who didn't leave you, not everybody can do that. Not everybody can live with purpose.


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