Project Happiness

This weekend, I want to open up a Project Happiness that will run here on my blog for the whole 2014. I started blogging way way before, I tried different platforms and it all became an outlet for me to share my happiness, sorrows, other related emotions and activities online - even anything under the sun... from politics to mostly personal.

I'm happy with the simple things I have now so I just to share it via this platform. I have been busy about work and life in general after I graduated and I didn't have too much time to write, take a lot of sensible photos and travel. This year I want to do all of those, starting little by little then make it big.

Project Happiness:

  • Movies I have yet to see (or seen) this year
  • Travels
  • Workout
  • People
  • Books
  • Nature
And everything else in between.

First entry for my Project Happiness would be my week program to be in shape, be healthy and gain weight - be sexy! Hahaha! Yesterday, I went to the grocery to buy food for the entire week so I could start tomorrow, Monday (Philippine time) for my program. Balance is the key, too. I will visit the field again, if not for football, but run to be in shape and to balance a healthy living.

It's a good feeling to get out there, sweat and have fun. Disconnect a little to the world we're used to be into everyday when it's work time. I am independent and I love it! I love how it works that I don't feel sad or lonely if I'm not depending on anyone. Well, ever since then I became one, too.

Andddd earlier this week, I became blonde! Hahaha! I just want to try something new. Something that I have never done before and it lead me to perfect happiness/bliss!
@ Draft, Rockwell Powerplant Mall

Project Happiness starts today! #ProjectHappiness2014


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