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Project Happiness

This weekend, I want to open up a Project Happiness that will run here on my blog for the whole 2014. I started blogging way way before, I tried different platforms and it all became an outlet for me to share my happiness, sorrows, other related emotions and activities online - even anything under the sun... from politics to mostly personal.

I'm happy with the simple things I have now so I just to share it via this platform. I have been busy about work and life in general after I graduated and I didn't have too much time to write, take a lot of sensible photos and travel. This year I want to do all of those, starting little by little then make it big.

Project Happiness:

Movies I have yet to see (or seen) this yearTravelsWorkoutPeopleBooksNature And everything else in between.

First entry for my Project Happiness would be my week program to be in shape, be healthy and gain weight - be sexy! Hahaha! Yesterday, I went to the grocery to buy food for the entire week so I could start…


Today, I went to all the places we usually go to. I wanted to feel what it's like to walk there alone, like really. I wanted to see how I am, how I can carry things and how can I eventually go on.

I absorbed everything. I felt it all once again but surprisingly, those I felt weren't heavy. I didn't feel I lost something - perhaps I have accepted it and understood it; no pushing, no anything, just acceptance and understanding.

I sat there, that certain place I used to be where exactly when I was waiting for you to arrive. I sat there, reminisce and I didn't feel heavy - my chest wasn't shrinking anymore as much as it used to, as much as it supposed to be then. I sat there with all the dry leaves, dry area, leaves falling down, and I felt fine because perhaps I have accepted it and I don't want to ignore the acceptance.

I stayed there because that's how I do it, stay. I told myself that: before, I used to wait here, sat here, excited to receive a call or a te…

Indeed, mine is one!

I thank the Lord above for a great weekend!

Weekend well-spent as they say. Indeed, mine is one! I spent the day with special people who are actually, day by day, bit by bit, mean something to me - awesome! I therefore realize that this simple life that I have or we have can be incredible and extraordinary if we know how to enjoy it and be content to whatever we have.

Life might be tough most of the time but it surely gives us some time to breathe and unwind for a while. Nothing could ever beat a simple yet happy disposition.

How lovely. :)