In a world where emotions sometimes overrule our real identities, it's hard to flex, bend then remember. Sometimes, what we decide on during those times that we were angry become our regrets; if not regrets, our grievances in the long run.

People are all responsible of what they feel and how they feel it at the very first place. It takes an open mind to gather all realization and actualization. It takes one bite of reality for this - for us to accept that we have made a mistake, for us to let go of our pride and apologize for what we have said and done.

In this world that we are living in where politics has its own way of busting the whole republic, safe to say that its not fully just law - how we abide or how we violate but there are emotions that are actually involved. It will just take a good and dedicated public servant to use it for what is right and what is indeed true.

Anger depicts hate and it is indeed a strong colloquy. Money, fame and temptations are the roots of all evil. I still believe that there are politicians who are dedicated to their oath; whose sworn statements are indeed true and real.

Never lose hope.


  1. I know wut u mean. Unhandled angry emotion transform ppl for worse and it even makes ppl do things they wouldn't do or would say normally. - Ferdinand.


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