Why we need to be awake most of the time

Sometimes, I find myself sleepy or perhaps not sleepy but escaping the world doing my own creative stuff or just simply relaxing. My work requires me to generate ideas, conceptualize, execute and be totally ingenious. FUN, challenging and motivating. Awesome, indeed.

I'm not a morning person and I always believe I can be categorized otherwise. But I don't know if I am an evening bird, too. When you see life moving while you're just standing where you are, you will be amazed on how it can move so fast. In a blink, it will all be different.

To cope with the fast-paced life we have, we don't need to just stand there, watch the game and cheer or cry if it becomes awful. We need to dance with the music even if we really don't know how to dance or even if we really don't want to dance, if I may just add.

We need to be awake most of the time and we need to be on our proper state of minds because if we can't, this life will leave us, it will turn our nows to nevers and our tomorrows to yesterdays. It will be a gruesome sight to see, I am pretty sure.

We need to be awake most of the time because this life is so fun and we can't afford to miss the moments that will make us so high, we can't even... ugh! See.

We need to be awake most of the time because we do have a lot of catching up with sleep when we die.

We need to be awake most of the time because we must feel all the hurt until it hurts no more. We shouldn't miss the moment that we are awake then it hurts and one day it won't. That turning point would be amazing. I tell you, you shouldn't miss it.

We need to be awake most of the time because laughter is worth having and it will definitely run this world. We don't want to make it slip away.

Want to be awake most of the time? Your character will help you through and take caffeine with you.


  1. it's probably too early to say 'Good Morning', but i suppose you're not a morning person so i'll greet you anyway... Sweet Morning! :)


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