What's up, Janet?

2014 is the year we believed... the year of changes - well, always every turn. I guess, the reason behind this is the fact that we are still hoping that something is going to change. For the better.

2013 was full of disarray yet we still managed to get through. Every single Filipino is aware of what happened at the high-top offices or sectors of the country - corruption. Janet Napoles, the alleged mastermind pissed us off, turn our butts and head around for she did not confess anything and from there we do not know if she ever will. 

There are so many things that this vulnerable country cannot contain anymore. Instead of solving, we are all looking on the side of "who's to blame" for this government mobocracy. One thing is for sure, we are all going to be saddened by the truth; and by not knowing it at all, I guess. 

They say Janet Napoles can save us by singing her heart out to name all the politicians that are into this alleged Pork-Barrel Scam - Janet Napoles does not need any kind of saving from anyone for she turned herself into the situation where she did not think of at the very first take. 

It is sad that people lie, cheat, steal and make it appoint to snarl-off things. We are on such disarray and nobody from the powerful state wanted to do something to tidy up the mess. We ended 2013 without hearing anything from the alleged Pork-Barrel Scam queen, we are starting 2014 already yet the same thing goes quietly.

We might not recover each penny they took, it is dearly impossible (and impossible here is an understatement). The queen does not have any love for her country; she has all her love for herself and well-being. Her sort-of money making success was not rewarding at all and fear is I know what she feels right now - fear of losing every penny she has, every property she owns but dignity was not part of what she fears to lose about. 

It is lugubrious for the Republic that other countries can stereotype this race as corrupt ones because of such misdemeanor. It is mournful that we can think of this case as a hopeless one. 

This year, we still aim for the same thing as last year and the same amount of hope goes on. 


  1. That's why our country can't progress because even the government is not playing fair with their duties.


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