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Why we need to be awake most of the time

Sometimes, I find myself sleepy or perhaps not sleepy but escaping the world doing my own creative stuff or just simply relaxing. My work requires me to generate ideas, conceptualize, execute and be totally ingenious. FUN, challenging and motivating. Awesome, indeed.

I'm not a morning person and I always believe I can be categorized otherwise. But I don't know if I am an evening bird, too. When you see life moving while you're just standing where you are, you will be amazed on how it can move so fast. In a blink, it will all be different.

To cope with the fast-paced life we have, we don't need to just stand there, watch the game and cheer or cry if it becomes awful. We need to dance with the music even if we really don't know how to dance or even if we really don't want to dance, if I may just add.

We need to be awake most of the time and we need to be on our proper state of minds because if we can't, this life will leave us, it will turn our nows to nevers…

Ordinary Love by U2

U2's tribute to Nelson Mandela.

Thank you for what you have done for humanity. You are the only one yet this world needs more people like you.

Ordinary Love by U2 video from YouTube
We can't feel any further if We can't feel ordinary love We cannot reach any higher We can't deal with ordinary love

What's up, Janet?

2014 is the year we believed... the year of changes - well, always every turn. I guess, the reason behind this is the fact that we are still hoping that something is going to change. For the better.

2013 was full of disarray yet we still managed to get through. Every single Filipino is aware of what happened at the high-top offices or sectors of the country - corruption. Janet Napoles, the alleged mastermind pissed us off, turn our butts and head around for she did not confess anything and from there we do not know if she ever will. 
There are so many things that this vulnerable country cannot contain anymore. Instead of solving, we are all looking on the side of "who's to blame" for this government mobocracy. One thing is for sure, we are all going to be saddened by the truth; and by not knowing it at all, I guess. 
They say Janet Napoles can save us by singing her heart out to name all the politicians that are into this alleged Pork-Barrel Scam - Janet Napoles does not…


New year, new dreams, new challenges and as the cliche goes... new life. New hope for the whole country as well. This is sign that we have another year to conquer the thing we call life, third-world it may seem but nonetheless, positive, vibrant and hopeful.

Norms are changing, another transition is finally taking its place and perhaps a brand new way will be constructed. Everyone aims to be better if not the best, hoping that each thing will come in our favor and fortune will take its place next. This generation would be the courage of our tomorrows but I might have to take a step back and assess how it will go or if we are really sure about this.

When I was a kid, I fascinated about cash registers, toy doctor kits, chalks and blackboards and class records. The oldies would then asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up - enthusiastically I answered: to be a cashier (cash registers are cute, right?), a doctor or a teacher. Later on, I wanted to be a news reporter, a businesswoman a…