Thanks 2013! You made it hard but still, thanks.

I wouldn't end the year without thanking 2013 for all the happiness, joy, blessings and bullshit. Indeed, a blast!

Every year, I thank the Lord above for the year that was given. 2013 is such a good year though; classy to say and honestly saying that it didn't come easy as the previous years I had in my entire life, but then again there's always something to brag about the year that has been - I survived. We all are. We all deserve a tap on the back. Peace be with you.

Another year has gone and lessons are all with us to serve as an inspiration and motivation to be better and to let go of the things that had happened and consumed our positive outlook in life. Whatever happens in 2013, stays in 2013. Hopefully. I'm really praying that this could be possible; let's not dig the past back and get moving to all of our remaining tomorrows no matter how unsure they are. 

I grew tired of worrying and horrifying myself with things that I don't have any control of. It just wouldn't add up and I think, there's nothing I can do about it either. I just have a grip of things that actually on my possession. I'm thanking the Lord for giving me such a strong will. I never imagined I can break through silence, pass through needle holes and do the battles as a strong as a soldier firing in the field of war. There's always something to be thankful for. 

I have learned that my fear wouldn't help me at all and will consume 80% of my normal state. I'm happy of what I'm doing and I'm happy that I have something to be proud of when 2014 ask me questions even the irrational ones. Experience is really the best teacher; now, I'm not even afraid to talk to anyone because I don't think there's something to be scared about them (work wise). My stomach is building its walls, hard and strong walls to take each challenges and bullshit that will appear along the way. I've learned to fight in silence and care more about myself; that I don't want to see myself being down. I may look fragile but I don't think I will be fragile at all. Never.

I thank the people who stayed with me all throughout and willing to remain the same when 2014 hits. No matter how crucial and stubborn I could be, it amazes me that they've stayed and still laughing with me till this day. I'm contented for what my family has today and for tomorrow and the next days to come. If I could have one more wish - best of health and prosperity for my grandparents. 

In one way or another, my wishes for my own self decreased. Not that I have everything I want, but I think I I have everything I need. Sorrow won't get in the way and I will try my very best to be on my proper state of mind especially on making decisions and facing all our unsure tomorrows with sureness. 

I'm digging a grave for the memories I don't want to remember for the next year - shameful, bad, memories that hurt me a lot, hate, and the likes of it. Rest assured that I'm bringing all the lessons with me just like what I did for the past year that has gone now. I hope people will fulfill their promises as the Lord fulfill his promises to us (as I fulfill mine, as well). Let's all change for the better and welcome each day with a happy face, positivity and the will to not hurt other people in any case, in any way. 

Let's help our country to reach the best. Let's fight for what is right and fair.

Thank you Lord for giving us a chance to see and experience the next year ahead of us. Thank you 2013 for the experience! 

Happy New Year!


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