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Thanks 2013! You made it hard but still, thanks.

I wouldn't end the year without thanking 2013 for all the happiness, joy, blessings and bullshit. Indeed, a blast!

Every year, I thank the Lord above for the year that was given. 2013 is such a good year though; classy to say and honestly saying that it didn't come easy as the previous years I had in my entire life, but then again there's always something to brag about the year that has been - I survived. We all are. We all deserve a tap on the back. Peace be with you.
Another year has gone and lessons are all with us to serve as an inspiration and motivation to be better and to let go of the things that had happened and consumed our positive outlook in life. Whatever happens in 2013, stays in 2013. Hopefully. I'm really praying that this could be possible; let's not dig the past back and get moving to all of our remaining tomorrows no matter how unsure they are. 
I grew tired of worrying and horrifying myself with things that I don't have any control of. It ju…

Christmas 2013

I could still remember being half asleep as a kid when the clock strikes 12 midnight. It was time to eat and of course, greet the whole family a Merry Christmas. Spaghetti, ham, fruit salads and lots of presents are waiting; the Christmas tree was then always full, colorful as it was with ornaments and all, the Christmas lights are dancing, singing different Christmas songs.

Morning will come and we're all going to wear our new clothes for the Christmas day. It was time for our ninongs and ninangs to give pamasko - either a thing wrapped up with Christmas ribbon on it or a red envelope of such monetary-valued-gift; we open it with smile on our faces.

I have all my wonderful memories of Christmas as a kid. Now that I've grown, I've realized its true spirit. I may not have the words to elaborate what it really is, but I know you know what I'm trying to say. And I believe that your Christmas memories when you were younger are fun and wonderful, too.

We believed in Santa C…

Two people. Too many stones.

It might sound funny but it is (really) not funny at all. Two throwing words at each other, selected people doing the same thing as if we're watching a movie or a telenovela of sort.

The alleged Pork Barrel scam twists this country around; billion of pesos for the Filipinos went to whom we are not sure of, just yet. Senate minority leader Juan Ponce Enrile could be one of those; that this issue is so loud and the people can't barely hear truth nor get the slightest real idea from that end. Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago aimed to put a period to this tragic sentence and by that, she desired to avail the truth from a party that they all cannot count how good the music could be. They can dance with it but they will definitely not be pleased.

It was entertaining if the basis is the movie board. It was amusing. Such a boisterous phase we all watching and hearing. It was then these two senators were exchanging words through their privilege speeches. Privilege. Such a big word - a …