2013, we're on the half.

Days flew so fast. It wasn't that too long ago that I was thanking 2012 for the trials, shiz and happy moments, and now one half of this year is finally done.
To think about the stuff happened a year ago is nostalgic, funny and shaking-my-head kind of thing. Now, I'm more uplift. Uplift to do all things positive and I can't wait for the positive to come in. Just positivity. Only that.

It has been so hard. Nothing did come easy. I'm happy now that the storm is finally done and everything is okay now. Not perfect (because there's nothing perfect in this gaddamn world) but incredibly fun, awesome and loving it.

Thank you for completing this world I live in and thank you for letting my feet step into yours somehow. Way to go! To build things brick by brick, piece by piece, step by step and one by one, is what we aim to do. No matter how stormy it was, there are rays of the sun shining on us now... telling us it's a new day.


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