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'Men' of Steel

I know I'm a day late but it took me so much time to gather all my thoughts and everything I want to affirm about the men that were part of the team why we became who we are right now. In the family, they're the decision maker, the Principal, the CEO, the President and the Pilot of the whole fambam kingdom. They're the one who are actually strict and won't let us stay too late, protective, quiet when mad or otherwise. Some of them only got few words, making them so mysterious. Some of them are funny, into sports, politics and current affairs. No matter how grumpy dads could be at times, they won't let their children be bothered by anyone. Some wouldn't be really showy but they do love dearly with the same level that our mothers do for us.

To Dad,
I know we were not given so much time to be together when I was growing up. You needed to work abroad and for me, I'm living with Mama Tita and Papa Luis. Despite of everything and what was lacking, I'm still p…

Our craft interior feel cognition

I see most of the things in xanthic way now, unclear and not pretty in sight. One day I just knew, that maybe after all the backbreaking, it’s still not good enough. I viewed my way in a vivid positive manner; hence, I shall not fear nor cowardly carry off stuff.  Days have passed, occurrences were in existent, but compare to other days I had throughout this employment living, nothing was perfect and nothing did ever come grand as I expected it to be. Consequently, I thought, perhaps, I expected gigantically good is going to happen and by which circumvent me afterwards. 
Corporate world is such a large world out there where we can be into, live and create our own inside. Therefore, top choices are on the road of suits and ties, skirts and heels, hair gel and make-up; and it's up to us to stir it. Let's face it, in this big world of corporal quirk, different entities are taking over, assorted individuals from that university, this university with heterogeneous form of learning, …
2013, we're on the half.

Days flew so fast. It wasn't that too long ago that I was thanking 2012 for the trials, shiz and happy moments, and now one half of this year is finally done.
To think about the stuff happened a year ago is nostalgic, funny and shaking-my-head kind of thing. Now, I'm more uplift. Uplift to do all things positive and I can't wait for the positive to come in. Just positivity. Only that.

It has been so hard. Nothing did come easy. I'm happy now that the storm is finally done and everything is okay now. Not perfect (because there's nothing perfect in this gaddamn world) but incredibly fun, awesome and loving it.

Thank you for completing this world I live in and thank you for letting my feet step into yours somehow. Way to go! To build things brick by brick, piece by piece, step by step and one by one, is what we aim to do. No matter how stormy it was, there are rays of the sun shining on us now... telling us it's a new day.